Pokémon fan finds mon-dog with a sad fate on old Pokéwalker

The old Pokéwalker asks a fan a difficult question.

The old Pokéwalker asks a fan a difficult question.

It was a really long walk for this dog-mon: it lasted several years. A Pokémon fan forgot the pocket monster on his Pokéwalker and only recently rediscovered it. Unfortunately, this story will not have a happy ending: when trying to finally send it back home to its world, Reddit user patriotman115 has to realize that this is no longer possible – and is now faced with a tough decision that will comments is hotly debated, but must of course be viewed with humor.

Forgotten Houndomon on the Pokewalker

It’s all about this: Do you still know, Pokewalker? These were the pedometers in Pokéball design that came with HeartGold and SoulSilver, the DS remakes of gold and silver. With the small device you could get movement and at the same time level your pocket monsters. To do this, a Pokémon had to be transferred to the pedometer in order to receive one experience point per step.

How to level: If you had gone far enough with your Pokémon and collected enough XP, it would level up but not receive any further points until it was transferred back. Appropriately enough, Reddit user patriotman115 took a dog mon for a walk while playing, but then probably forgot about it.

The rediscovery: HeartGold and SoulSilver appeared 12 years ago. So the Houndomon has probably been on his journey for a really long time. The pokéwalker still works, just needed new batteries. Now the Pokémon fan finally wanted to return the lonely pocket monster, but found the following:

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Patriotman115 now has the following question:

My question is: should I erase its existence or keep it as a memento of its lost universe?

The dilemma: This question arises in particular because the fan would like to put a new Pokémon in the pedometer. However, since the dog mon cannot be sent home, it would have to be completely deleted. Patriotman115 is not alone with the problem. TribblesIA has found its own way to handle this:

Exactly that. Got mine [Pokéwalker] Found this a few months ago and have been taking my snobilicate for walks all the time ever since.

Doomgoblin777, on the other hand, mentions the movie “Homecoming: The Incredible Journey” in which a group of pets get lost and seek their way back to their families and speculate:

This will be like “Back Home”. It will find its way back to you.

Fellfal also thinks the Pokémon should survive and comments:

More on Pokemon:

Other community members even suggest solutions to get the houndmon out of this predicament and post links that might help. On the other hand, some others don’t understand the emotional look at a few pixels. Of course, the thing can also be seen with a wink, or simply a funny nostalgic situation.

Did you also have a Pokewalker, or maybe it’s still lying around somewhere with a lonely Pokemon waiting to be rediscovered?