You’ve never seen a Game of Thrones cosplay like this!

You've never seen a Game of Thrones cosplay like this!

With two aspects around game of Thrones almost everyone agrees: the last season was cheese (that’s what Gregor Clegane actor Hafthor Julius Björnsson and GoT creator George RR Martin recently announced) and the dragons are awesome – at least if your name isn’t Paddy Considine, because of them Drachen declines a role in the series and then he does Spin off House of the Dragon occurs.

In any case, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion have conquered the hearts of many fans and it is not for nothing that the prequel House of the Dragon is all about dragon lovers House of the Targaryen. The cosplayer Thedodocosplay also shares this love for the fire-breathing fantasy creatures and has a matching one costume created that might surprise you.

Dragon Awaken: Game of Thrones cosplay transforms Drogon into a human

In fact, the hobby seamstress didn’t build a huge kite out of fabric or papier-mâché, but was inspired by Drogon’s appearance and Daenerys’ pet into one people transformed. With its black and red armor and numerous sharp thorns, it certainly does credit to the impressive dragon.

That Cosplay is also so successful because you can discover the attention to detail at every corner and edge: From the wing-like cape and the leg guards to the real wings on the back to the thorn-studded breastplate, the horned crown and the dangerous club would itself Drogon surely pleased at the sight of his human form. You can find more of her cosplays at her Instagram account!

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More dragon powerful cosplays

While the black armor with the brown thorns is quite strong on the dragon elders Nergigante Monster Hunter World remembered and thus also a corresponding cosplay of a hunter with Zinogre armor on the plan, there are other works in the cosplay community that come close to the dragon-strong Game of Thrones implementation.