Tempest Rising: Almost a new Command & Conquer

Tempest Rising: Almost a new Command & Conquer

tiberium? node? GDI and Kane? Doesn’t exist here! But for that, a lot of Command & Conquer flair. Tempest Rising wants to inherit Westwood’s great real-time strategy series and promises no-frills, effect-packed battles in a modern guise. The game takes you into an alternative, post-nuclear war scenario in which three different factions compete against each other. Two campaigns tell the story and cutscenes are used between missions. It should be German voice output according to the official Steam page also give.

Even if you have to do without Nod and GDI, the factions in Tempest Rising sound very very similar: You command either the mobile, high-tech peacekeeping force of the Global Defense Forces (GDF) or the armies of the Tempest Dynasty, which are described as “desperate and badass”. Their reddish building design is a bit darker and deliberately reminiscent of the Brotherhood of Nod. Each campaign should offer 15 missions, you will also be able to customize your armies between missions. Incidentally, the third faction is still secret, but another important detail is already known: The Tempest, a mysterious, shimmering red tendril that spreads across the earth and that serves as your currency in the game. Memories of Green Tiberum Crystals are purely coincidental, of course.

Tempest Rising: Classic RTS in C&C style is shown in the first trailer

The gameplay relies on action-packed combat and classic base building, i.e. the typical C&C mixture that is rarely encountered these days. A mobile construction vehicle turns into a construction yard, after which power plants are built to supply electricity. A refinery will automatically send out a harvester to graze the nearest Tempest field. Barracks, tech buildings, vehicle factories and defenses – practically everything we’ve seen from the game so far, we already know from the C&C series. The high game speed and the interface are pleasantly reminiscent of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (which, by the way, is still a real tip today). In addition to the campaign, there will also be a skirmish mode, custom multiplayer modes, and ranked multiplayer with matchmaking. Check out the gallery for more impressions from the game.

Tempest Rising will be released in 2023. [Quelle: THQ Nordic]

Tempest Rising is based on the Unreal Engine 4 and has so far been announced exclusively for the PC. The game is being developed by Slipgate Ironworks, a little-known Danish team that made Rise of the Triad (2013), among others, and was also involved in games like Rad Rodgers, Ion Fury, Ancestors Legacy and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin. Publisher THQ Nordic has scheduled the release for 2023.

What about Command & Conquer?

The C&C Remastered Collection was the last sign of life from the former cult series. The collection from the first Command & Conquer and the successor Red Alert convinced in the test with beautiful 4K graphics, a few useful improvements, newly knitted multiplayer structure and excellent scope. Here you can read our test of the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection again at your leisure or watch our test video. For everyone who missed it back then: We also have an exclusive (and not so serious) interview with the villain Kane for you.


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