Pokémon GO: Worlds Event Limited Research – Fight Challengers

Pokémon GO: Worlds Event Limited Research – Fight Challengers

Limited Research in Pokémon GO will begin August 18 to coincide with the Worlds event. Your task: fight against challengers. Where you can find them and what rewards there are, we show you here.

How is the research? The limited-time research is active for all Trainers playing Pokémon GO during the World Championships event. It will unlock at 10:00 local time on August 18 and will then be active until August 23 at 20:00 local time.

Important: This is NOT the research you can get through codes. We have a separate article on the promo codes at the World Cup event.

Research: Pokémon World Championship 2022

task Reward
Fight one
10 Pokeballs
Fight against 2
1 Instant TM
Fight against 3
10 Super Balls
Fight against 4
1 loading TM
Fight against 5
10 Hyper Balls

Completion Reward: If you have completed all the tasks of this research and collected your rewards, then you can also expect a Top Charge TM, a Top Instant TM, an encounter with the “Championships 2022” Pikachu.

Fighting Challengers – Where to find them?

Here are the locations: You can find the challengers distributed at the PokéStops in the game. These are NPCs (i.e. characters that are not played by players).

These challengers use teams with the attackers using the players who won the regional championships.

Important tip: If you’re short on PokéStops and have trouble hitting multiple challengers, you can complete the tasks on a single NPC. The task is “fight against”, not “defeat one”. So if you find a challenger, you can leave the fight after about 3 seconds and then start again. That counts for research every time.

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After you win a battle against such an NPC, it will disappear from the map.

How do you like the time-limited research? Will you try to find as many challengers as possible and see what exciting teams they compete with? After all, these are teams that have been able to win championships. Or would you rather have the tasks completed quickly and work them off on a single challenger?

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