Diablo 3: Level Guide for Season 27 – Fast to level 70

Diablo-3-Challenge Portal-Season-27

In our level guide for Season 27 in Diablo 3, we show you how to quickly reach the max level of level 70. It’s a form of speed leveling. MeinMMO shows you the steps with and without Challenge Rift.

What is this guide? Here we show you how to quickly reach level 70 with your fresh season character in Season 27 of Diablo 3. The guide is intended for experienced players and not for newcomers.

If this is your first time playing Diablo 3, enjoy the leveling experience and stay a while to listen.

Level up fast in Season 27, how to do it?

You need to know: The leveling process hasn’t changed much in Diablo 3 lately. In the past seasons, we at MeinMMO have found that leveling in connection with a challenge portal is a lot of fun and particularly effective. You’ll unlock Kanai’s Cube early on and secure important rewards.

We present you here in the guide the level method with and without the Challenge Rift. So you can decide for yourself which method you want to play with at level 70. If you don’t feel like doing this week’s Challenge Rift, or you’ve already done it, just skip the next section and read on.

With our wheel of fortune we help you to decide which class you should play.

Optional: start with challenge portal

How to start: After the start of Season 27 in Diablo 3 you create a Seasonal Hero. You do this by ticking the green leaf at the bottom left when you create it. Now enter the game with this character and then leave it straight back to the main menu.

Now go to the game settings and then click on the challenge portal option on the left side. It is very important that before starting the Challenge Rift you have selected your Seasonal Hero and briefly go into the game.

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A notice: This is only possible if you have already completed a Greater Rift in Diablo 3. If you haven’t already done this with your account, skip this step.

This week’s challenge portal

Why is it worth it? If you successfully complete the Challenge Rift (which is usually not a problem, then you will receive important rewards. These are:

  • Bounty Material (15 each)
  • 35 Breath of Death
  • 475 Blood Shards
  • crafting material
  • plus 4.6 million gold

This is how it goes on: Once you have completed the portal, you must collect your rewards in the game:

  • Go back to the Diablo 3 menu
  • Now select “Adventure mode” with the difficulty “Master” in the game mode selection and start the game
  • Now open the bag with the rewards of the Challenge Rift in the game – you will see the symbol for it in the interface
  • Now grab the weapon of the templar or another companion and equip it with you
  • Options: Now complete a boss bounty. Maghda, Zoltun Kull, Belial or the Skeleton King are particularly suitable for this. If one of these bosses has a bounty, you should do it. There are equally strong items waiting for you
  • Then you look for Kanai’s Cube in Act 3 – We have a guide for you on where to find Kanai’s Cube in Diablo 3 and what you can do with it. The Cube is essential to unlocking the Challenge Portal rewards

Legendary item right at the start of Season 27

After unlocking Kanai’s cube, you go back to the city and there to the blacksmith. With your rewards from the challenge call, you can now completely upgrade it. Now build a level 70 yellow armor or weapon. Armor or weapon depends on your class, as you can see in the table.

The table shows you which yellow items for level 70 could be worthwhile at the blacksmith. The plan behind this is to then upgrade these items to legendary items and strip them of their legendary power in Kanai’s Cube. So right at the beginning of the season you have a passive legendary property that helps you level up.

class Blood Shards Dice Upgrade
barbarian Bracers (lvl 1) Powerful 1H Weapon – 6/8
Powerful 2H weapon – 3/6
Crusader Sign /
Bracers (lvl 1)
2H Flail – 6/8
1H Flail – 4/7
Demon Hunter Bracers (lvl 1) Dagger – 2/2
monk Shoes /
Bracers (lvl 1)
Fist Weapon – 8/12
Necromancer Gloves (lvl 1) –
rings = risky
2H Sense – 4/4
witch doctor Mojo (lvl 1),
Voodoo mask (lvl 34)
Ceremonial Knife – 8/12
wizard Source (lvl 33) –
Rings (lvl 28) = risky
1H Wand – 6/10
Explanation for the numbers: The witch doctor has 12 ceremonial knives that have a legendary affix that can be revoked, 8 of which are also worthwhile. Hence 8/12

Depending on your chosen class, there are certain items at level 1 that you can trade to Kadala in town. You received Blood Shards from the reward bag. You can find out from which level which items drop for you D3planner.com.

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Level up quickly from 1 to 70 (even without the Rift)

If you drained a strong Legendary Trait, then leveling begins now. This is also where players who start without Challenge Rift enter.

The most important thing you need to know about Season 27 in Diablo 3, briefly explained.

Levels 1 to 24

How to start: Depending on your personal taste, decide whether you want to try farming with Massacre bonuses or complete Nephalem Rifts. If you level with massacre bonuses, the areas of the halls of agony at levels 1 to 3 are suitable. However, it takes some practice before you farm efficiently with massacre bonuses.

Solo players should progress quickly with massacre bonuses. Group players can do this up to level 30, but should then switch to normal nephalem portals, because things usually progress quickly as a group.

You then level up in this way up to level 24 or 30. Keep in mind that:

  • You should visit the blacksmith every 8 to 10 levels and try to make a stronger weapon
  • You visit the dealer in town at regular intervals and look for amulets and rings that offer “+ damage” – they are really strong in the level phase
  • You should equip a head item with a socket in order to plant a red gem there for more XP – With weapons, the red gems are good in the level phase to get more damage out.

What difficulty to level? You should always adjust your difficulty in between so that you kill trash mobs with 1-3 hits. If you just plow through the opponents, you can increase the difficulty. If you need more than three hits per opponent, then you should turn down the difficulty.

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Levels 24 to 40

Nepalem portals are now worthwhile for you. You should make sure that

  • you can complete the portal quickly – adjusts the difficulty for this
  • you coordinate when you play in groups. When fighting the rift boss, a player sometimes teleports into town and closes the portal immediately after the boss is knocked down. You then have 30 seconds to collect the boss’s loot. This saves you some time again.

Levels 40 to 70

Once you’ve reached level 40, teleport into town and see your mystic. Train them completely – you have the materials for this.

  • After that, go to the blacksmith and craft a level 70 2H yellow weapon
  • You repeat this until one of the crafted weapons has a % affix (% ​​chance to freeze, % chance to stun, etc.)
  • Once you have crafted such a weapon, take it to the Mystic and roll over the other secondary bonus (not the % affix). Your goal is to get a level reduction. Preferably by 30 levels, because then you can equip the weapon directly. If you run out of mats, roll as close to 30 as you can
  • Now continue to level up in Nephalem Rifts until you reach the level to wield the weapon
  • Once you can wield the weapon, you’ll be able to play Torment 6 with ease. If that’s too difficult, feel your way down one level at a time
  • You have high damage from the weapon and should make good progress with it

Level up to 70: Now continue with the Nephalem Rifts until you reach the max level. This also works if you don’t already have a 70 weapon. Grind to level 70 here.

Reached level 70 – now what?

This is how you continue: After reaching the max level, season 27 in Diablo 3 really starts for you. If you want to progress quickly, it is best to complete the first four chapters of the season journey (accessible on the PC via Shift+J) and thus secure a starter set.

You get the starter set from Haedrig’s gift. Once you’ve completed that, you can easily play at high levels of agony and quickly gear up even better.

With which leveling method do you approach the new season? Are you a friend of the Challenge Rifts method or do you prefer to ignore the portals and level without them? Write us your approach and tips for leveling here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other players.