Price increase by Sony – console is now even more expensive

If you want to buy a PS5, you have to expect a price increase for the Sony console in the future.  The PlayStation 5 will be more expensive.

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Sony has increased the price of the PS5. The manufacturer explains why the console is now more expensive almost everywhere. That’s the new cost.

Hamburg – This is an absolute hit! The PS5 from Sony is already sold out everywhere and is sometimes sold for significantly more money than is officially intended. Now it gets even harder for the fans. The console is made more expensive by Sony himself. Due to inflation, PS5 prices are increasing worldwide. We show you how the price increase affects.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5: console price increases – you have to pay that much now

This is the new price: You now have to pay 50 euros more for the PS5 from Sony. This applies to both the disc and the digital edition of the console. These are the new prices at a glance:

  • PS5 Disc Edition: 549.99 euros instead of 499.99 euros
  • PS5 Digital Edition: 449.99 euros instead of 399.99 euros

How is the new price determined? Sony justifies the PS5 price increase with rising inflation and currency trends. The euro is currently worth about as much as the dollar, which is why Sony now has to make a price adjustment.

In light of these difficult economic conditions, SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) has made the difficult decision to change the PlayStation 5 MSRP in select markets […] to increase.

Sony is following the trend of rising prices. Mainly due to the Ukraine war, but also due to economic tensions with China, prices are rising worldwide. It’s also harder for companies around the world to get hold of critical electronic components. That’s why Sony is adding a whopping 50 euros to their consoles.

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When does the price increase apply? From now on. So you can count on the fact that the next drop in Germany will already have the higher prices. So from now on you have to budget 50 euros more for the purchase of the PS5.

Buy PS5: Price increase by Sony – console is now even more expensive. © Sony / Montage

Buy PS5: price in the US remains the same – will it continue to rise here?

That is interesting: While prices are increasing in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Canada, the price remains the same in the US. Although inflation is at a record high in the US, the price there is not adjusted. Reasons for this are not known. In Japan, the price increase will not come into effect until September 15, 2022.

  • In Germany, the price of the console could rise even further.
  • In recent months, there has been a trend that retailers such as MediaMarkt, Saturn and OTTO have sold larger bundles of consoles and games. The price there has always been quite high and sometimes above the recommended retail price.
  • You can count on the price increase of 50 euros being added to these already too expensive prices. As a result, some bundles will certainly cost more than 700 euros quickly.

So if you don’t have a PS5 yet, it could get even more expensive for you. So that you don’t miss a drop in Germany, we recommend that you buy our PS5 live ticker. There you will be informed about every sale.