WoW: Dragonflight: Dragon Riding transforms your friends into flying pups

WoW: Forget normal housing!  Here come the housing mounts!  (1)

from Philip Sattler
In the latest alpha build of WoW: Dragonflight, the developers have added a new feature to dragon riding, thanks to which you can take a fellow player through the air. For this, your friend turns into a cute pup.

The development of WoW: Dragonflight is progressing steadily. Every week we get a new build on the Alpha servers that brings some new features. This week the main focus was on kite riding. The developers have improved some of the animations and tweaked the angle again, with which you can fly curves at certain speeds.

Also, the talent tree window has been reworked so that we can now see our dragons’ normal abilities there as well. But the most important thing is probably the new “Ride Along” feature. With this, the developers fix a problem with dragon riding in the cutest way ever.