BioShock: Netflix Adaptation Finds Director and Writer

BioShock Netflix Adaption Ankündigung

As part of Geeked Week in February this year Netflix, 2K and Take Two Interactive their cooperation announced. Together they want the popular computer game BioShock film.

Since the announcement, it has been quite quiet again about the ambitious film project, but now the streaming giant is sending an update: A director and screenwriter for the adaptation have been found!

Netflix: Diving Down to Rapture with BioShock

It’s back to Rapture! Netflix promises a reunion with the eerily beautiful underwater city, Bid Daddy and the Little Sisters.

For the implementation of the popular first-person shooter, two real ones were created dystopia experts obligated: Francis Lawrence and Michael Green.

Francis Lawrence made his debut as a feature film director in 2005 with Constantine. Two years later he directed I Am Legend. He is best known today for his work on the Hunger Games series, which he has directed since Catching Fire.

He has also sat in the director’s chair for Netflix to shoot Slumberland (November 2022) with Jason Momoa. We have linked the official teaser trailer for the film below so that you can have a small one foretaste of what the collaboration between Lawrence and the streaming service looks like or could look like.

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Michael Green made his name as a screenwriter for the television series Smallville. Green Lantern (2011) became his first film project. Green finally achieved greater fame in 2017 with his screenplays for “Logan – The Wolverine” and “Blade Runner 2049”.

With this duo, Netflix sees the “BioShock” adaptation in good hands.

However, we will have to be patient again until the next update or even the first pictures. Lawrence is still in the middle of filming the Hunger Games prequel The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. But as soon as the project is complete, he dives into the depths of Rapture together with Green.

How is it actually just about the BioShock creator Ken Levine stands, our author Dina tells you in this article.

Are you looking forward to the film adaptation? What wishes do you have for the Netflix implementation? What worries does it involve? Or are you not interested in the project at all and prefer to wait BioShock 4? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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