New PS5 model: The PlayStation 5 is (slightly) lighter

New PS5 model: The PlayStation 5 is (slightly) lighter

According to recent reports, manufacturer Sony in Australia two new PS5 models put on the market. Nothing has changed in the performance of the two revisions – the weight of the standard and digital variants of the console has been reduced again by a few grams. A year ago they became two revised copies released that weigh slightly less than the launch model of the PS5.

PS5 now up to 300 grams lighter

The revisions are under the labels “CFI-1202A” for the console with built-in drive and “CFI-1202B” released for the all-digital unit of the PS5. While the weight of the standard console of 4.2 to 3.9 kilograms was lowered, the PS5 is now only without a drive 3.4 kilograms difficult – 200 grams lighter than the 2021 revision. Sony has made it so that the standard PS5 now weighs about the same as the Digital Edition launch model – viz 3.9 kilograms.

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What has changed on the console?

At the moment is still not knownwhich parts have been replaced compared to the previous models. With a loss of up to 300 grams, it is definitely clear that Sony has changed some things inside the hardware. Sooner or later there will probably be some videos on the internet that take a close look at the inner workings of the PS5 revisions. Presumably the PS5 models will soon too in other countries to be available.

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