Sonos Sub Mini: Marketing images show cylindrical shape

Sonos Sub Mini: Marketing images show cylindrical shape

from Maximilian Hohm
Marketing images of the Sonos Sub Mini were recently leaked at Winfuture. These show the cylindrical shape of the small subwoofer, confirming the design shown by The Verge a few months ago. However, the technical details are still missing and the official market launch will not take place until the first quarter of 2023. Read more about this below.

Soundbars and their subwoofers are becoming increasingly popular in living rooms because they are easier to wire and take up less space than a conventional stereo system. One of the major manufacturers in this segment is Sonos, who want to offer a compact and inexpensive subwoofer as an upgrade for their own soundbars with the Sonos Mini. The Sonos Mini was supposed to be on the market as early as the fourth quarter of 2022 and work together with the new network speakers and soundbars from Sonos, but apparently it’s only supposed to be on the market for next year.

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This is somewhat surprising, especially in view of the fact that new marketing images are available and could be an indication that the launch may still take place in 2022. The compact subwoofer has a cylindrical shape and is said to be available in black and white, making it easy to integrate into most living rooms. The bass reflex tube is arranged in the middle and colored black.

The images shown now correspond more or less to the design that “The Verge” was leaked several months ago and was based on reports from insiders. In reality, however, the Sonos Sub Mini is said to be really very compact and hardly taller than a Sonos One. Technical data are expected as part of an official presentation by Sonos and the Pricing is unclear at this time, although it is certain that it will be the entry-level model, although there seems to be a plan to bundle the Sonos Sub Mini with the Sonos One, Sonos Beam or Sonos Ray soundbar to achieve both design and functionality also to have offers in the portfolio that are well-tuned in terms of sound technology.

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Source: Winfuture