Weekend reading tips 09/2022: Embracer, GC22, Toaster & Bill Gates – News

Weekend reading tips 09/2022: Embracer, GC22, Toaster & Bill Gates - News

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In this particularly extensive edition, you can expect many current reading delights. And because this will be my last reading tip news, I’ll give you a few “extra lives”: Older articles that are particularly worth reading, which I’ve saved for a suitable occasion – it’s too bad not to share them with you ! I look forward to your comments and hope you enjoy reading!

Who is actually the Embracer Group?
nat-games.de on 08/19/2022 by Christian Koitka

Ubisoft, Sega, Square Enix, Konami and Capcom. They all have one thing in common: they are now smaller than Embracer Group in terms of market capitalization. The company recently made a name for itself again when it announced that it would buy the trademark rights to “The Lord of the Rings”. But where does the company actually come from and where does the financial power come from to suddenly overtake all these traditional publishers?

Good game or nostalgia?
videospielgeschichten.de on August 27th, 2022 by Denise Schweigert

Who doesn’t know it: After several years, you come across a video game in which you accumulated umpteen hours of play as a child or teenager. It reminds you of great graphics, exciting dialogues and incredibly tricky puzzles like a flashback – and it was a really good game… wasn’t it? Yet Denise Schweigerts beautiful memories received a hard left hook while looking at the cover art of her favorite game.

Inculinati: From the painted scroll to the animated game
spielvertiefung.de on August 30th, 2022 by Jörg Luibl

Even in the oh so dark Middle Ages people liked to laugh: animals in armor and swords were often drawn back then – even trumpets in asses with fart attacks or terror rabbits chasing knights can be found in old manuscripts for amusement. And the cool thing is, soon this age-old tradition of book illumination will be transformed into a turn-based strategy game called Inculinati lively.

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How Roberta and Ken Williams were lured out of retirement
Los Angeles Times on 08/25/2022 by Todd Martens

The founders of Sierra, Roberta and Ken Williamswere icons of the gaming industry in the 80s and 90s. SpaceQuest, King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry are well-known brands to this day. Colossal Cave 3D Adventure will now be their first new game in 25 years. What made you make this comeback? Money? Don’t need them. Fame? Have you already. In an interview with the LA Times, the legends explain why their passion for video games has returned.

How I once brought karaoke to Germany
wall-jump.com on 08/17/2022 by Joshua

Was on some English-language website joshua via an ad Karaoke Revolution for the PlayStation 2 and from that moment firmly convinced of the concept behind it. Now it was up to him to convince the masses. He had to start the trend.

Gamescom 2022: These are the (real) highlights
der-postillon.com on 08/25/2022

Think you’ve seen, read and heard everything about GC22 on GamersGlobal? Haha! All. secure. Not. Because otherwise you would Assassin’s Creed – Stone Age know. or Singstar: Layla Edition. or Call of Duty: Pokemon. What the noobs George, Dennis and hagen otherwise escaped, the gaming pros from the Postillon deliver opulent Vertical Byte Enigma graphics based on the Grabhunter 7 engine and 578 Hertz alarm clock booster technology.

Bill Gates: I can’t stop playing Wordle!
gatesnotes.com on 8/30/2022 by Bill Gates

Every morning does Bill Gates the same thing. No, not the world domination thing… Bill doesn’t have time for that anymore because he plays every day Wordle. And then Quordlesthen Octordle and one more round nerd. He reveals his biggest failures, but also his winning strategy in his (English) blog.

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Car racing and “Flappy Bird” controlled in the vagina
spiegel.de on 06/27/2022 by Nora Beyer

Edited in “Amusement Park”. Nora Beyer a punching ball, throwing darts at balloons or fishing for ducks. A few of the games leave her at a loss: In one mini-game, she plays the role of a stork, dropping babies over cozy mountain villages. In another, she steers a bee from flower to flower. Are reproductive metaphors a good idea just because they are controlled by the vagina?

+++ EXTRA LIFE +++
The dooming of the feuilleton – writing about computer games
54books.de on September 10th, 2020 by Christian Huberts

A lack of imagination is apparently symptomatic for writing about games in the features section. If I ignore all other films and media discourses, the musical adaptation Cats (2019) is above all a successful documentary about cats. But context is important and it is often ignored in digital games.

Flying Toasters: The Windows Screensaver Boom
heise.de on October 22, 2020 by Stefan Wischner

John Socha, later inventor of Norton Commander, wrote a small DOS tool in the mid-1980s: ScrnSave darkens the screen after a certain period without any recognizable user activity and wakes it up again when a key is pressed. This should prevent the electron beam from burning into the phosphor layer of the picture tube. A veritable screensaver boom broke out when a Californian company launched the screensaver collection AfterDark published.

GOTO MOON: Moon landing simulations as computer games
paidia.de on March 6th, 2020 by Stefan Höltgen

In 1969 there were two landings on the moon: one by the Apollo 11 lunar module, another on the terminal of a PDP-8 computer at a Massachusetts high school. During the real landing approach, one of the most infamous computer errors in history occurred, so that Neil Armstrong the Eagle space shuttle had to land by hand – the birth of the Lunar Lander simulation programs.

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From the GG archive: The PC is dead
gamersglobal.de on April 18th, 2016 by Mick Schnelle

Mike Schnell loved his windows xp machine and old games anyway. In his column he wrote on the supposed 25th anniversary of the PC’s death: “God willing, I might also live to see the 50th anniversary. Then I’ll switch on my PC and write another column about it”. Unfortunately, fate had other plans, but we have Mick’s immortal texts.

In the video: Macintosh 1984 Promotional Video – with Bill Gates!
youtube.com on 10/15/2011

In 1984, Apple Computer released a commercial for the all-new Macintosh. Surprisingly, however, does not appear Steve Jobs im the movie on but Bill Gates praises the merits of the non-Microsoft PC. A fun piece of history!

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