Genshin Impact is getting its own anime series from Ufotable

Genshin Impact is getting its own anime series from Ufotable

from Susan Brown
Genshin Impact is not only an extremely successful action role-playing game, but also offers a very extensive world, lots of colorful and interesting characters and some mysteries. No wonder the folks at Mihoyo are teaming up with animation studio Ufotable, known for Demon Slayer and more, to make an anime that fans have been asking for for a long time.

Genshin Impact is not only proving to be a hugely popular open-world action role-playing game that has swept players off their feet around the globe and still has decent player numbers to this day. In particular, the gacha lottery system, which is viewed critically by most players, has certainly brought in some money for the development studio Mihoyo. The game world Teyvat, divided into nations like Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma, offers gods like heroes, monsters like mythical creatures a colorful and extensive backdrop – isn’t that perfect for more than “just” an ARPG?

Anime series set in the Genshin Impact universe

That’s what the fans of the Chinese development studio Mihoyo asked themselves, and apparently those responsible asked themselves the same thing. Because as part of the Genshin Impact Version 3.1 live stream on September 16, 2022, a long-term animation project was announced to take place in the Genshin universe.

As part of this collaboration, which will probably result in an animated series, the people from Mihoyo and the Japanese animation studio Ufotable are teaming up. It is not yet known what the project will be about in detail, but a first project trailer will give you an insight.

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The animation studio Ufotable is not unknown. The animation specialists have been working on the popular anime series Demon Slayer since 2019, and before that they took care of the Fate series, among other things. So this means that this collaboration will definitely result in an interesting project that anime aficionados in particular will keep an eye on. At the moment, however, we cannot even guess when this will happen.