Logitech G Cloud: Nintendo Switch-style handheld for cloud gaming


Logitech presented a handheld at its own Logi Play conference, which is similar to the Nntendo Switch in terms of format and price. However, it is not a standalone mobile gaming console, but an Android-based handheld for cloud gaming intended for home use. The name: Logitech G Cloud. There is already a shop entry for the USA, curiously marked “Sale” – meaning a pre-order price of $299.99. The suggested retail price is $349.99.

What exactly can the Logitech G Cloud do? With it you can use the cloud gaming offers from Microsoft (Xbox Game Pass) and Nvidia (GeForce Now) based on Android as the operating system – for this purpose the handheld has buttons and two analog sticks as well as a 7 inch display (Full HD). You can also use the remote function of the Xbox app and Steam Link, i.e. play a game that is hosted on your PC via the home network via the Logitech G Cloud.

Logitech G Cloud – front view

Source: Logitech

Since the handheld itself is only responsible for controlling the game, displaying the video stream and connecting to the Internet, there is a decent battery life of around 12 hours.