Best Weapons of the Beta – the best setup to start with

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Of: Janik Boeck

This weekend, the Modern Warfare 2 beta enters its second round. So that you make everyone flat, we show you the best weapons.

Santa Monica, California – Finally, players with an Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or a PC can also start the Modern Warfare 2 beta. On the second weekend of the test phase there will be many newcomers and probably just as many returnees. We reveal the best weapons to get you started in Week 2 of the Modern Warfare 2 Beta.

CoD Modern Warfare 2 Beta: The best weapons to start week 2 – the M4 is perfect to start with

The best setup to start with: The Modern Warfare 2 beta is entering round two. On the second weekend, players on PC and Xbox can finally put their hands on the new shooter. To be able to play from September 22nd, you need early access. Here’s how to get Early Access codes for the Modern Warfare 2 beta on PC and Xbox. In order to be able to really get started in the beta, we recommend the M4 with the following setup:

  • Mouth: Forge-TAC Castle Comp (4th estuary)
  • run: 14″ Carbine Shroud Barrel (1st barrel)
  • underflow: VX Pineapple Vert Grip (3rd underrun)
  • visor: SZ Mini / Cronen Mini Red Dot (1st and 2nd visor)
  • Handle: Xten Grip (3rd grip)
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You unlock the M4 directly at level 4, when you can create your own classes for the first time. So you have quick access to the assault rifle in the Modern Warfare 2 beta. The setup is particularly impressive because of its versatility. So you’re not doing anything wrong with that.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta: The best weapons to start week 2 © Activision (Montage)

CoD Modern Warfare 2 Beta: The best weapons to start week 2 – the FSS Hurricane is perfect for returnees

The best setup if you’ve already played in week 1: If you play on the PS4 or the PS5 and have already taken the first weekend with you, we recommend the FSS Hurricane. On the one hand, it is in one of the default loadouts, on the other hand you can unlock it via the M4. If you have played the M4 up to level 13, you get the FTAC Recon. You have to play this until level 16 to get the FSS Hurricane. We recommend these attachments for the Modern Warfare 2 Beta:

  • Mouth: SA silencer 99 (1st muzzle)
  • underflow: Lockgrip Precision-40 (2nd underflow)
  • Ammunition: 5.7x28mm Hollow Point (1st ammo)
  • Shaft: Demo Fade Pro Stock (5th Shaft)
  • Handle: Xten Grip (3rd grip)

You have to consider this: The setups for the best weapons to start the second week of the Modern Warfare 2 beta come from CoD experts WhosImmortal. He is known to his fans as a source of good loadouts and setups. Nevertheless, essays are often a matter of taste. If you don’t get along with them, just try others. The good thing about the new unlock system in Modern Warfare 2 is that you unlock the attachments for all other weapons in the chain at the same time. So you save yourself the hassle of leveling. The only annoying thing is that Infinity Ward is driving players insane with the minimap in Modern Warfare 2.

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