Untradeable SBCs & Web App Issues – EA Even Greedy?

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Of: Josh Grossman

In FIFA 23, thanks to the web app, fans can now solve and trade SBCs before release. But there is a lot of criticism for the EA that does “anything for sales”.

VANCOUVER, CANADA – FIFA 23 launches on September 30th and fans have access to the web app right now. Packs are diligently opened there, players are traded and SBCs are solved – but what is that? The rewards from the Squad Building Challenges cannot be traded. Players are outraged by the change EA has made to FIFA 23 and complaining about the Vancouver developer’s greed.

name of the game FIFA 23
Release (date of first publication) September 30, 2022
Publishers Electronic Arts
series FIFA
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developer EA Sports
genre football simulation

FIFA 23: Web App is causing problems – SBC rewards are untraded

What happened? Players have had access to the FIFA 23 web app since September 21. The first fans have already come up with trading strategies to get coins as efficiently as possible. However, initial trading tips on the FIFA 23 web app have been dampened by an issue fans have discovered when solving SBCs – the rewards from the SBCs are untradeable.

Why is that bad? Those who are reluctant to spend large amounts of real money on FIFA packs could exchange many of their worthless players in SBCs for rewards that bring in decent coins on the transfer market. So you could have created a good basis before the start of FIFA 23 to really get started with trading. Free-to-play fans are at a huge disadvantage with this, reporting that if they don’t get coins for completing SBCs, they find it difficult to progress in trading.

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FIFA 23: Fan frustration over issues with SBCs in the web app – “It borders on pathetic” © EA/Unsplash (Montage)

Further problems: Some players are currently noticing that some SBCs are unsolvable due to the illogical chemistry requirements. Even if all conditions are met, the SBC solutions cannot be sent. The reason for this is a bug that EA has not yet fixed (as of September 22, 1 p.m.). Since the rewards cannot be traded, the SBCs are very unpopular anyway, so the challenges are probably a low priority for the developer.

FIFA 23: SBCs in the web app are untraded – players are stunned

Fans are beside themselves: With the change, EA once again favors players who invest real money in FIFA packs. This has made trading even more difficult for free-to-play players and they are complaining about the change on Twitter. For some fans it is clear that EA only did this to make even more money with FIFA 23. Only recently Jan Böhmermann criticized microtransactions in games like FIFA and the new development makes the tense situation even worse. We have compiled some Twitter reactions for you here.

  • “All SBCs are untraded. How should I make coins?@adinho4L
  • The SBCs are untraded. What godless man came up with the idea?“ @nickihb2
  • Will be a short FIFA year for me@K_HSV1887
  • Everything for more sales. GG EA, really“ @JuliusFGU
  • It borders on pathetic@Timvbkt97
  • That EA untraded the SBCs is so f*cking bottomless“ @BorussiaManuel

A few fans are also happy about the change – so not all players would be walking around with 200K teams right at the release. However, most are still outraged. They hope that EA will adjust the FIFA 23 SBCs again so that at least the advanced challenges bring rewards that can be offered on the transfer market. Hopefully, with the launch of FIFA 23’s Companion App, EA will bring some changes that will keep players happy.

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