Pokémon GO: The new event research is really worthwhile – here are the coveted development items

Pokémon GO: The new event research is really worthwhile - here are the coveted development items

Today, October 5th, the development event has started in Pokémon GO, which brings you special event research again. We at MeinMMO have looked at what content awaits you.

What are these tasks? With the start of the development event “Stars of Development”, Niantic has also activated new field research for you again. You can secure this by rotating the photo disc on the PokéStop.

Matching the event theme, you will also have the opportunity to get one or the other development item. We have summarized the specific tasks and rewards that await you below.

All Development Event Quests – Tasks & Rewards

During the evolution event, you can spin special event tasks from your PokéStops. Niantic has activated 8 different quests for you, all of which revolve around catching, developing, power-ups and interacting with PokéStops.

While there won’t be encounters with Pokémon this time, there will be plenty of other interesting rewards. You can recognize the tasks in your “Field” view directly by the note “Event” and you have unlimited time to solve them as usual.

With the help of Overview of LeekDuck we have summarized all tasks and rewards for you below.

task Reward
Catch 3 Eevee 20 Eevee Candy
Evolve a Pokemon 500 Stardust
Evolve 3 Pokemon 2,000 Stardust
Make 5 power-ups on Pokémon 25 Mega Energy for
kangaroo or
Aerodactyl or
Ampharos or
Make 7 power-ups on Pokémon 25 Mega Energy for
Gyarados or
Spin 10 PokéStops or Gyms 1x sun stone or
1x King stone or
1x metal jacket or
1x dragon skin or
1x upgrade
Spin 15 PokéStops or Gyms 1x Sinnoh Stone
Spin 20 PokéStops or Gyms 1x Unova Stone
All Development Event tasks and rewards

That is why the research is particularly worthwhile

Even though there isn’t a single encounter with Pokémon in this event research, the quests are worth getting. This is mainly due to the coveted development items, but also to the mega energy. We explain why.

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development items

While you can only evolve most Pokémon in the game using candies, others require special items to do so. However, these are relatively rare in Pokémon GO and cannot be purchased in the shop.

With a bit of luck, you will get the Sinnoh Stone through the research breakthrough or after a trainer battle. And you can also get one of these items during the 7th daily spin at the PokéStop. But if you want to develop one or the other monster with an item on a regular basis, you should build up a small supply.

You usually won’t get these items faster than the current event quests. Especially since the tasks are quick and easy to solve, because you can simply turn the same stop several times in a row to complete the quest.

Sinnoh Stone: We particularly recommend the tasks related to the Sinnoh Stone, because this item can be used to develop a comparatively large number of strong Pokémon. Some of the best attackers in Pokémon GO belong to the Sinnoh region.

In the following article we have summarized which developments are most worthwhile with the Sinnoh stone.

Pokémon GO: Sinnoh Stein Evolutions – 10 worthwhile in 2022

Unova Stone: Alternatively, you can also secure the Unova Stone. This allows regional Pokémon such as Vegichita to develop. But you can only secure Skelabra, one of the best fire attackers in Pokémon GO, with the help of an Unova stone.

Other development items: In contrast to the Sinnoh Stone and the Unova Stone, only individual Pokémon can be developed through the other development items. You need them for the following monsters:

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development item development
sunstone Duflor to Blubella
Lilminip to Dressella
Sunkern to Sunflora
Waumboll to Elfun
King stone Flegmon to Laschoking
Quaputzi to Quaxo
metal jacket Onix to Steelix
Scyther to Sherox
upgrade Porygon to Porygon2
dragon skin Sermon on seadraking

mega energy

In addition to the development items, the mega energy can also be interesting for many of you. Mega-Kangama in particular has only been found briefly in the raids so far. You need the mega energy to be able to carry out mega developments with the corresponding Pokémon yourself.

These Pokémon are then a bit stronger and are particularly useful in raids, since they strengthen all attacks of their type in battle. On top of that, when a Mega Evolution is active, you will get additional Candies by catching monsters of the same type.

These quests are also solved relatively quickly, but they cost stardust and candy so that you can carry out the power-ups. So if you still lack mega energy, you should definitely hit these tasks.

Research that is less worthwhile

In addition to the development items and the mega energy, there are also tasks that bring you stardust and eevee candy. The eevee quest is a good way to solve it once you’ve spun it.

During the event, the little monster spawns wildly and you have plenty of opportunities to farm candies. So if you haven’t just started playing or have a candy emergency with Eevee, you should rather focus on other tasks.

The Stardust quests require you to evolve Pokémon. This is also only a good idea if you were planning to carry out a development anyway. For example, you could combine the “Evolve 3 Pokémon” task with the Evolve Event Collector Challenge.

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How do you like the contents of the event research? Which quest are you definitely wanting to secure? And what rewards do you want next time? Feel free to write us your opinion here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

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