Take on the Herald of Flame in the Eighth Sea of ​​Thieves Quest

Take on the Herald of Flame in the Eighth Sea of ​​Thieves Quest

Captain Flameheart remains a figure of respect in Sea of ​​Thieves. Fleets of his Ghost Ships roam the open ocean and attack anyone they encounter, while the infamous warmonger continues to direct his nefarious plans from the shadows.

Despite lacking physical form, Flameheart remains a constant threat to pirate life, and there are those who would seek to achieve his full rebirth. Having discovered an ancient prophecy about the Time of Resurrection, Belle believes that The Reaper’s Bones will seize the opportunity to return her master and lord to the waves.

a prophecy

The main architect of Captain Flameheart’s rebirth has been described by prophecy as the Herald of the Flame, and Belle has her suspicions that this refers to none other than Stitcher Jim, a villain and manipulator of the entire universe. life that once served among Flameheart’s most devoted followers. However, Jim hasn’t appeared since the climax of Tall Tale’s “Heart of Fire” and it’s still unclear what role he’ll play in future events.

To make sure she’s looking for the right man, Belle requests that the pirates follow Stitcher Jim’s trail through the Devil’s Roar volcano, a normally turbulent region that has been eerily calm in recent days. Establishing Jim’s current allegiance, before an inevitable confrontation between Pirate Lord’s allies and those loyal to Flameheart, could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

an epic battle

Whether or not Stitcher Jim is destined to serve as the Herald of the Flame, it is clear that the battle is brewing and this Adventure looks set to culminate in epic fashion. Flameheart’s undead forces are fierce, but Belle’s recent actions have seen several Brave Ancients pawn their swords at the Pirate Lord’s side, ready to fight alongside the crews and prevent Flameheart’s resurrection if possible.

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Before the fight, if you need to familiarize yourself with key players like Belle and Flameheart, don’t worry, in our latest installment of Adventures Ahead you will find articles with information about recent events in history. The search for Stitcher Jim is now underway, join the hunt by talking to Larinna from today until October 27.

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