The biggest LoL troll on Twitch plays Overwatch 2, has been banned from chat for 5 years now

The biggest LoL troll on Twitch plays Overwatch 2, has been banned from chat for 5 years now

Twitch streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, ​​27, made a name for himself with his toxic behavior in League of Legends. In Blizzard’s new shooter Overwatch 2, he apparently shouldn’t even get the chance, because he’s already banned in the chat just 10 days after the release.

Who is Tyler1?

  • Tyler is one of the biggest and most influential streamers on LoL – if he gets really upset about a bug, Epic apparently reacts promptly
  • He has over 5 million followers on Twitch who love him for his freaks
  • But Tyler’s behavior always has consequences: in LoL he was even completely banned at times
  • Now he found out live in a stream that he has already received a chat ban in Overwatch 2 – before he can even start a game

Tyler managed to become the figurehead of the game after his supposed perma ban in LoL. You can see what’s behind it in the video.

How Twitch’s worst troll became the face of League of Legends

What has Tyler done now? in one sponsored stream from October 13, Tyler wanted to show Overwatch 2 for the first time. He said he hadn’t played Overwatch in ages and apparently needed to get used to it.

After almost racking his brains while reading the copy, Tyler decided to look at his account’s stats and told his viewers to ignore the Bronze status because he would have been Diamond. Many players currently have the problem with incorrect ranks.

When he opened the chat, however, Tyler experienced a surprise: there was a message that he was muted in the chat due to multiple messages from other players. He hadn’t played a round yet.

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Watch the clip as Tyler finds out about his chat ban.

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How can that be? Apparently, the ban is a holdover from the original Overwatch. He streamed this in 2016 after his ban in LoL and immediately received a chat ban for 10 years.

Tyler explained at the time that the reason for the mute wasn’t messages he wrote in the chat, but his behavior in LoL (via YouTube). However, viewers note that he also behaved toxically in Overwatch.

A user on reddit explained that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, just “typical T1 behavior,” like insulting his team (via reddit).

Now it looks like the chat ban has been carried over to Overwatch 2. There are currently 1,812 days left of the 10 years, i.e. almost 5 years (as of October 13, 2022).

How did Tyler react to the ban? The streamer took it easy and said he deserved it. After that, he actually played some Overwatch 2, including his usual freaks. However, his teammates were unmolested due to the mute.

What do you think? Is it fair to transfer bans from older games to newer ones, or should players be given a new chance with a new game? Please leave us a comment with your opinion.

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On October 4th, Overwatch 2 celebrated its big launch. Now, almost 2 weeks later, we want to know from you:

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