WoSchCa 10/14/22: Strong start for the RTX 4090 (with Rüdiger Steidle) – News

WoSchCa 10/7/22: Mario speaks & the future plans of CD Projekt - News

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In this episode, Rüdiger Steidle, who is new to Munich, is back for a humorous podcast round with Hagen, in which, among other things, the launch of the RTX 4090 is discussed.

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Another Friday, another working week is coming to an end, it’s time for a WoSchCa! In this issue, Rüdiger Steidle takes the time for a guest performance and tells what has happened to him privately lately. The guest brings certain insights into the launch of the RTX 4090. Rüdiger and Hagen talk elatedly and sometimes happily turn to a digression. That’s why I can make you happy about a Munich rant, for example, and in the end the two suddenly remember which adventure puzzles they stuck with for ages due to small things.

The timecodes of this episode:

  • 00:25 Hagen is happy to welcome Rüdiger Steidle to this WoSchCa, who reports on his move to Munich and explains why he will soon be making a short trip to Bern for work SwitzerlandLAN pulls.
  • 11:21 A short Rüdi rant about Munich and Munich (local) traffic invites you to digress
  • 16:25 The sale of the RTX 4090 has started and despite the steep price, the GPU seems to be in great demand (to the news)
  • 23:04 The Oculus – er Meta Quest Pro was presented at a narrow RRP of around 1800 euros (to the news)
  • 28:07 PlayStation has now started the Stars loyalty program in Germany (to the news)
  • 32:30 What do we do on the weekend?
  • 41:36 Thanks for listening and have a nice weekend!
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Published on 09/09/2022: Hagen practically gets off the train, Jörg soon gets on the plane, but before that they mentally travel back to Night City and then with the fictional films in Immortality into past decades.

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