WoW: Soul Form for Everyone! Get the new Night Fae toy now!

<strong>WoW Dragonflight:</strong>  A Renewed Purpose - Story Campaign Chapter 4 (57)

from Philip Sattler
Now that the pre-patch for WoW: Dragonflight has arrived on the live server, you can now also secure the new Seed of Renewed Souls toy. This allows you to transform into your soul form outside of the shadow lands.

With the pre-patch, the regulations for the time after WoW are already in effect (buy now ): Shadowlands. In In practice, for most of us, this means mostly that tier set bonuses have been turned off. Also, neither Covenant Abilities nor Legendaries will work once we leave the Shadowlands area. The only exception are currently the dungeons of the 4th season. While these are not in the Shadowlands, they are considered Shadowlands content.

This also means that the signature abilities of the pacts no longer work outside of Shadowlands. No more Minor Provost, and most importantly, no more Soul Form for the Night Fae. However, since the developers know how fond many players have become of the little blue figures, they make sure that we can take them with us to Dragonflight after all. And that applies indirectly to all players – Night Fae or not.