Twitch: Adriana Chechik gives health update after broken back

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from Sebastian Glanzer
In her Twitch stream, Adriana Chechik gave an update on her health after her accident at TwitchCon. She talks about a detail of her operation that affects her.

To her serious accident at TwichCon 2022 Twitch streamer Adriana Chechik reported back in the stream. At the event, she did a rear-first jump into a foam pit that was sparsely filled. After that, her back was broken in two places and she had to undergo surgery. She wasn’t the only one injured in the foam pit that day, but sustained by far the most severe injuries.

In her Twitch stream, she talks about the fact that she can at least stand up straight again and walk a little, but is still quickly out of breath. A meter-long metal rod was inserted into her back to stabilize her. The scars on her back were concealed as much as possible, which was very important for her career. The streamer is on the mend. But as if this life-changing injury wasn’t bad enough, Chechik revealed another detail about her accident and the resulting operation that is affecting.

Adriana Chechik was pregnant at the time of the accident

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“I don’t care if people know or not, but I was pregnant and I didn’t find out until I was in the hospital,” Chechik said. So her hormones went haywire for a while. But because of the surgery, she couldn’t keep the baby, Chechik said.

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