After Amazon Prime Day: Cheap book tips for your Kindle that not everyone knows

Also on Amazon: publishing your own books and writing competitions

Amazon has been a staple in the e-book reader business since the first Kindle in 2007. You may have just treated yourself to a new reader like the current Kindle Paperwhite, and the last Prime Day was a good opportunity to do so, as is well known. Now you’re wondering which e-books to buy and download to your Kindle. You may also want to give your loved ones a little treat and give away digital books, but you only know the usual book tips from classic publishers. In that case, Amazon Publishing is probably worth recommending. Some of the books are excellently rated, but they are often much cheaper than the works of large publishers, where an e-book can cost well into double digits.

Buying eBooks for your Kindle: What is Amazon Publishing

That’s right, the Americans publish self-published e-books in their online shop or via Kindle Unlimited. Amazon Publishing serves all major genres, including detective stories and thrillersromance novelsentertainment workshistorical novelshumorfantasy and science fictionNonfiction and advisor. Mind you, Amazon acts as the publisher. So potential authors have to apply and sell their work to Amazon’s publishing department before Amazon even considers publishing a book. After a successful application, they also appear in printed form.

For Kindle or printed: These publishers are available from Amazon

Amazon Publishing relies on various word marks, so-called imprints, to cover a broad publishing portfolio. Behind Ink & Pen hides the imprint for contemporary and historical novels. While under the Montlake name Romance novels trade, it is at 47North the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Non-fiction books and guides are published by Topicus. English originals, German translations and German-language originals – all this is available from Amazon Publishing. With the Edition M the Internet giant even has a label for selected crime novels and thrillers by German-speaking authors. Translations of international bestsellers are also marked as Amazon Crossing.

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Buy e-books for Kindle: Amazon publishing bestsellers cheap

In the following we have summarized some current customers from Amazon Publishing for you. They are available both as an e-book and as a paperback. If the name and blurb are not enough to make a purchase decision, you can also “look inside the book” on the product pages and request a reading sample.

  • The fate of men (The Falkenbach Saga Book 6): The outbreak of World War II threatened the von Falkenbach and Lehmann families. The new historical novel by Spiegel bestselling author Ellin Carsta. 4.49 euros for Kindle and 9.99 euros as paperback.
  • Behind the Darkness (A Case for Hanna Will & Jan de Bruyn 1): The first exciting case for Hanna Will and Jan de Bruyn. By Spiegel bestselling author Anna Johannsen. 4.49 euros for Kindle and 9.99 euros as paperback.
  • On the Hunter’s Trail (A Jan Tommen Thriller Book 9): A brutal series of murders challenges Jan Tommen and his team. From #1 bestselling author Alexander Hartung. 4.49 euros for Kindle and 9.99 euros as paperback.
  • Island hope (stormy times on Föhr 2): A touching novel by #1 Kindle bestselling author Jette Hansen against the atmospheric backdrop of the North Sea island of Foehr. 4.49 euros for Kindle and 9.99 euros as paperback.
  • With every dream we fly: A wonderful tale of friendship, loss and a young boy’s heartbreaking search for home – by bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde. 2.49 euros for Kindle and 9.99 euros as paperback.
  • The Man in the Dunes (The Island Commissioner Book 9): A kidnapping case on Sylt, the island commissioner is investigating. By SPIEGEL bestselling author Anna Johannsen. 2.49 euros for Kindle and 9.99 euros as paperback.
  • Falltime Glow (Love in the Mountains Book 1): The start of the romantic series “Love in the Mountains” by bestselling author Lotte Römer. 2.49 euros for Kindle and 9.99 euros as paperback.
  • Lemon summer days: A touching story of loss and new beginnings in the enchanting landscape of the Costa Brava – by Kindle #1 author Karin Lindberg. 4.49 euros for Kindle and 9.99 euros as paperback.
  • Step into the Light (The Children of the Hansens Book 1): The exciting story of the Hansens continues. Spiegel bestselling author Ellin Carsta talks about the next generation of the Hansen family. 4.49 euros for Kindle and 9.99 euros as paperback.
  • Enna Andersen and the wrong perpetrator: A new, highly explosive cold case for chief inspector Enna Andersen and her team from Spiegel bestselling author Anna Johannsen. 4.49 euros for Kindle and 9.99 euros as paperback.

Notice anything? Although some of the books are fresh on the market, they change hands for just a few euros. By the way: With the Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription, frequent readers can satisfy their thirst for reading at a particularly affordable price.

Kindle Direct Publishing: Here you can publish your own books

Also on Amazon: publishing your own books and writing competitions

Source: Amazon

Amazon even offers users the opportunity to publish their own books. The authors are responsible for editing and cover design Kindle Direct Publishing however responsible. Not everyone is born to be an author, experience has shown that the quality of self-published works varies greatly. But even in this area there are some pearls. To honor the best works, Amazon organizes the Kindle Storyteller Award every year in German-speaking countries. Here are the three finalists for 2022 – who will win the race will be decided on November 17th:

  • Death Lights: Swedish Thriller by Fiona Limar and Leif Eklund: They kill silently and they leave no trace. You have a mission. That makes her dangerous. 3.99 euros for Kindle, 19.90 euros as a hardback and 12.99 euros as a paperback.
  • Summer in the small island hotel behind the dike by Julia K Rodeit: A turbulent love story with a lot of island flair – the long-awaited continuation of the series about the small island hotel behind the dike. $2.99 ​​for Kindle and $9.99 for paperback
  • In the Fog of Freedom by Iris Krumbiegel: No sooner had the self-confident Lady Williams fallen head over heels in love with the German engineer Robert von Stetten than a momentous assassination attempt took place in Sarajevo, during which Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered. Everything points to a war in which she and Robert would face each other as war opponents. 2.99 euros for Kindle and 10.70 euros as paperback

Of course, many other authors took part; Amazon summarizes their e-books with their own search term. Amazon also presents the finalists of the last few years on their own page. You can still buy e-books for Kindle. As a rule, these works are also inexpensive.

No Kindle yet? These are the current e-book readers from Amazon

Amazon released a few e-book readers over the years. Since the first Kindle, which offered a physical keyboard in 2007, but a lot has happened. Nowadays, the devices have touchscreens, integrated lighting and very long battery life. At the end of this year, the Kindle Scribe will be the first model with a writing function.

  • The new Kindle (2022) with a high-resolution 6-inch display with 300 ppi and twice the storage capacity – from 99.99 euros
  • The new Kindle Kids (2022) with access to over a thousand books, covers and a 2-year worry-free guarantee – from EUR 119.99
  • Kindle Paperwhite with a 6.8-inch display and adjustable color temperature – from 129.99 euros
  • Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition with 6.8-inch display, wireless charging and front light with auto. Customization – from 189.99 euros
  • Kindle Paperwhite Kids with over 1,000 children’s books, a child-friendly cover and a 2-year worry-free guarantee – from EUR 149.99
  • Kindle Oasis with reading light with adjustable color temperature, waterproof – from 229.99 euros
  • Kindle Scribe as the first Kindle with a writing function, 10.2-inch paperwhite display with 300 ppi, standard input pen – from 369.99 euros

Are you wondering how the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition does in the test? Then simply take a look at our PCGH guide. There we had the e-book reader recently examined in more detail.

Kindle cheaper: When does Black Friday start?

If you think the current conditions can be improved, you might want to exercise a little more patience. This year, November 25th is Black Friday – experience has shown that discounted Kindles, tablets and other Amazon products are not far off. Amazon usually organizes an entire Black Friday week, which means that it should start on November 18th and only end on November 28th, 2022 with a Cyber ​​Monday. As usual, we will keep you informed about this. You can find many other offers for gaming monitors, SSDs, graphics cards and more in our bargain guide, which is updated daily.