Diablo 4 is expected to be released during this period

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So far we have already detailed about diablo 4 reported. But despite a lot of information and reports was and is so far no official release date known. Accordingly, fans of the series should be curious as to when exactly the fourth part of the series will appear. Both the Xbox Era Podcastas well as the website Windows Central now have that April 2023 thrown into the ring as a possible release date. Originally, “sikamikanico” brought April into play as the month for the release in the podcast. He also named the game awards as a possible event at which the specific release date could be announced with a new trailer.

A short time later, Windows Central confirmed the message and stated that its own sources would confirm this. Pre-orders should be possible from the announcement at the game awards. According to both sources, there should also be a open beta for the title starting next February. However, an exact release date for this open beta is not yet known. The game-as-a-service nature of the title has also been confirmed by both parties.

The Game Awards as a suitable stage

Videogameschronicle emphasizes that it reported about the possible announcement during the game awards back in the spring. At that time, an internal document haunted Activision Blizzard through the network, which, for example, the release date of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 correctly predicted. In any case, such a scenario does not seem absurd. But fans of the show hosted by Geoff Keighley still have until December 8th wait to see a possible trailer and related announcement.

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