Marvel Snap’s PvP mode will bring a new way to play against friends

Marvel Snap's PvP mode will bring a new way to play against friends

A new player versus player (PvP) mode is coming to Marvel Snap that lets you play against friends in a slightly different way.

The competitive mode, titled Battle Mode, is already in development, according to information recently posted by developer Second Dinner.

“We know you’ve been asking how you can play against friends and here’s how!” exclaims the team in a blog update on the game’s development roadmap.

“Battle Mode is a whole new way to play Marvel Snap. In Battle Mode, each player starts with 10 health and the winning player deals damage to their opponent equal to the game stakes. If you doubled and SNAPPED, do 4 damage to your opponent instead of 2, or retreat early and only lose 1 health Players will play a series of games against each other with the same deck until one player runs out of life.

“We believe that Battle Mode is the best way to play against friends or host community tournaments, because it provides a clear winner while incorporating the SNAP mechanic”completes the update. “We can’t wait to see the community play Battle Mode!”

According to Washington Postthe mode is expected to launch “this calendar year”of which there are only a few weeks left, of course.

A normal mode, collector tokens, PC widescreen UI, and titles are expected to arrive reasonably soon, while the team is still “in concept” in things like other competitive modes, guild and social systems, in-game events, infinite rank leaderboard. , collectible emotes and card emojis, and mythic variants.

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