MontanaBlack ready for vacation again – Mallorca property has the green light

MontanaBlack dreams of holidays in Mallorca

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Of: Philip Hansen

MontanaBlack seems to be ready for vacation again. In addition to the likely upcoming break, a property in Mallorca could now follow.

Buxtehude, Germany – MontanaBlack is number one from Germany on Twitch. But the streamer reports live about how he would like to treat himself to a property in sunny Spain, more precisely on Mallorca. The purchase seems to be firmly planned, the bank has already “given the green light”. From where will fans be able to watch Monte soon?

Full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
Known as MontanaBlack
birthday March 02, 1988
Place of birth Buxtehude
Subscribers on YouTube 2,900,000 (as of September 2022)
Followers on Twitch 4,700,000 (as of September 2022)

Streamer MontanaBlack tells about Haus auf Malle: “I’ve been planning to do it for a long time”

Monte reveals this in the stream: Twitch titan MontanaBlack hosted one of his 1 Question GO streams on 10/30/22. He answers questions from his viewers live. Then they ask if Monte has any regrets in his life, if he’s looking forward to the future and the like. But when asked a question, he reacts with a surprise: “I wanted to ask if you plan to travel to other countries in the future.” asks a viewer in the stream.

Monte then says that Malle will be the Twitch star’s next travel destination, and then he comes up with a “Fun fact that he hasn’t even told yet“ around the corner: He is planning to buy a house on Mallorca, the Balearic island in Spain.

Got the green light from my bank to finance the property on Mallorca.

Is MontanaBlack moving to Malle? That’s not decided yet. But it should be quite unlikely that MontanaBlack will leave Buxtehude. The house on Mallorca is more like a holiday home, a finca, to which the streamer retreats from cool Germany to relax.

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MontanaBlack wants to buy a house in Mallorca – is the Twitch star emigrating to the party island? © MontanaBlack / Imago (montage)

According to their own statement, the purchase of the house on Malle can take place this year or next year. It doesn’t seem to be pushing the Twitch streamer. Enough money for the currently high heating costs in Germany should be available.

He also plans to visit the sunny island this year: “I’ve been thinking for a long time.” says Monte about the holiday plans. Here you can watch the excerpt of the stream and all the questions from the viewers – the YouTube video starts at the appropriate point:

Streamers from Twitch and YouTube live in paradise, that’s what’s behind it

Other streamers are drawn to paradise islands: It is not uncommon for Twitch and YouTube stars to leave dreary Germany and settle down on sunny holiday islands. Here is an overview with some prominent examples:

  • Unge lives in his villa on Madeira (Portugal): Kai Pflaume marvels at Unge’s new mega-property on Madeira
  • Scurrows probably lives in Malta – or not? The criticized casino streamer is said to live in Madeira and only “travel” to Malta for gambling – via VPN. His colleague Orangemorange, also a casino streamer, is said to live on the same island (Malta/Madeira).
  • RevedTV is the largest German streamer on Twitch, but she lives in Madeira. More about the female elite here: The biggest streamers from Germany – These top 10 women rule Twitch.

In contrast to MontanaBlack, the streamers listed here really live primarily in paradise. The reasons are varied. Sometimes it has to do with better weather, sometimes with lower taxes. And sometimes it’s looser laws regarding gambling.

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By the way, another change could soon take place at MontanaBlack. Because the streamer is expressing more and more criticism of Twitch. Now, of all things, a German platform is positioning itself, where Knossi has been up to mischief for a long time: Will German streamers soon say goodbye to Twitch? Joyn competes.