My favorite gadget in CoD MW2 is a nasty camper fright – 3 tips for use

cod modern warfare 2 drill grenade thick wall

MeinMMO author Maik Schneider develops into a professional camper stresser in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. One of the new gadgets in particular plays a major role – the drill grenade.

Headglitches, hard-to-see corners, or any room with a door (well, any) – campers can sit anywhere, and unlike in real life, they don’t identify themselves by a friendly “good morning” while smoking delicacies on their grill.

Over time, however, you get to know the popular spots where a tent is popular. In the past, you had to go endless ways to smoke out the camper nests – now a well-aimed throw with the drill grenade is enough.

What makes the part so strong and a few tips for safe use I’ll show you here. If you want to find out more about the new Warzone 2.0, start the video:

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CoD MW2: Drill grenades – Unexpectedly high range

If you throw a drill grenade against a wall, the piece tries with all its might to reach the other side. An explosive body then plops out there, which explodes on the next contact. The explosion is about as powerful as a frag grenade in terms of range and damage.

If the grenade cannot pierce itself, the following happens:

  • The part will go up in the air right where you attached it
  • The grenade burrows a few meters into the wall and then jumps out to the side
  • The grenade goes deep into the wall and explodes midway with little damage
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In general, I’m always surprised how thick the walls can be. The drill grenade can easily overcome several meters, not just thin chipboard:

The drill grenade pushes through completely from left to right.

The wall here on the map “Mercado Las Almas” can be drilled through in its entire length. That’s a good 3 meters.

In addition, the drill grenade throws itself like thermite – a very flat, powerful trajectory. With it, you could safely hit your target even from long distances. When the grenade hits its target, it deploys automatically and begins its haunting work.

CoD MW2: Drill Grenade – Works in all directions

Don’t feel restricted by the angle or texture of a wall.

The drill grenade is not choosy: it drills through walls, ceilings, floors, inclined or straight surfaces. Try your hand at it and you’ll be surprised at what the grenade can penetrate. But sometimes disappointed because not everything works.

Also uses the property that the drill grenade will jump out of walls if you place it on thick walls. Throw the grenade at the edge of the wall and clear an alley or tunnel.

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CoD MW2: Drill grenades – sticking like Semtex

The trajectory is not the only thing that drill grenades copy from their relatives. While it flies like thermite, it also sticks like Semtex.

This can be extremely helpful in stressful situations, because the drill grenade can also be thrown very quickly. If an enemy catches you flat-footed, you can often still get the grenade out and get the kill on a direct hit.

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You also have an excellent tool against vehicles here. Whether it’s a tank, Humvee or combi – the drill grenade eats through the paintwork and armor right into the driver’s cab, and can kill the helmsman and occupants in one fell swoop.

Keep in mind that the drill grenade can not only put a nasty hole in walls.

Safety notice: If the surface is not suitable for drilling, the drilling noise sounds different and you have the visual explosion warning directly on the screen. If you don’t get away, you can even go down from it.

Therefore, keep a respectful distance from the drill grenade if you are not sure if you can get through the surface.

Do you also have a few Gadgets tips in store, then leave us a comment on the topic.

Incidentally, it is possible that other gadgets will come into play in the future. With CoD: Vanguard & Cold War there were new grenades via the Battle Pass.

This has not yet been announced for MW2. You can read here what awaits you in Season 1 instead: CoD MW2: Season 1 brings more new content than ever before – Start, Battle Pass, Warzone 2.0