Ticker on 07.11. – More drops expected with God of War bundle

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The previous drops in November are impressive and have already made many PS5 hunters happy. But there should be more console supplies.

Update from November 7th, 2022, 7:25 am: Good morning PS5 hunters. Unfortunately, nothing happened over the weekend in terms of fresh PS5 supplies, so you didn’t miss anything. But the new week that started today could be really exciting.

Because on the one hand we are still relatively at the beginning of a new month, so in general almost all relevant dealers are exciting again – unless they have dropped in the last few days. Many haven’t sold the PS5 this month (or longer), so there are still plenty of potential drop candidates at the moment.

On the other hand, it remains exciting about “God of War Ragnarök”. The title celebrates its release on November 9th and Sony is donating a matching PS5 bundle. This could already be bought/pre-ordered for the first time from us in Germany last Friday – namely at Amazon, MediaMarkt and Saturn as well as PlayStation Direct.

But it is conceivable and even probable that other retailers such as OTTO will follow suit this week – whether before, immediately after or shortly after the release. Because this highlight shouldn’t be missed by established replenishment giants, including OTTO. And some smaller and medium-sized retailers such as Spielegrotte or Müller could still get hot in this regard.

Some also think it is possible that Amazon, MediaMarkt and Saturn as well as PlayStation Direct could offer the new “God of War” bundle again this week. In short: open your eyes! There could still be a lot going on with the “God of War” release this week, so it remains exciting. But if you don’t want to wait for the next drop – the PS5 is currently available directly from a retailer. You can find out more about this here: Buy PS5: All immediately available offers at a glance – situation on 07.11.

Buy PS5: What’s up this weekend?

Update from November 6th, 2022, 8:55 am: The last day of the week breaks and traditionally it remains quiet about new PS5 drops this Sunday. So if you’re looking for the next console replenishment, you’ll have to wait a few more hours, because next week there’s a good chance that some retailers will add the PlayStation 5 to their online shops again.

If you still can’t wait, you still have the opportunity to order the PS5 directly and guaranteed today. However, as always, with all immediately available PS5 offers, you have to live with a certain premium. This varies depending on the provider or platform.

Update from November 5th, 2022, 6:15 p.m.: If you are still looking for great deals around the PS5, we have the right thing here. So there are top gadgets that you need for the console and strong Amazon offers at a glance:

  • Buy PS5: 10 gadgets under 30 euros that every console fan must have
  • Buy PS5: Amazon offers for the weekend – strike now quickly

Update from November 5th, 2022, 9:30 a.m.: Good morning PS5 hunters! Yesterday was an absolutely special PS5 day. MediaMarkt, Saturn, Amazon and PlayStation Direct all sold the console at the same time. The inventories are now no longer available. However, MediaMarkt and Saturn continued to sell the PS5 until late in the evening. Towards the weekend, things traditionally get a little quieter on the PS5 front.

Original message from November 5th, 2022: Hamburg – If you are looking for Sony’s PS5, you have to be quick two years after the console’s release. Drops are sold out in no time and the competition is fierce. However, there have been big drops again and again in the last few weeks and the chance of the PS5 is good. But which retailers are currently particularly hot? In this live ticker we show you all the drops in Germany and tell you which providers you should keep an eye on.

Buy PS5: Ticker for console replenishment – ​​where could the drop come from?

Where was the last replenishment? The last PS5 drop was absolutely unique and took place on November 4th. There, the four largest PS5 dealers in Germany sold the new “God of War Ragnarök” bundle at the same time. MediaMarkt, Saturn, Amazon and PlayStation Direct all had fresh consoles at the same time. The last drops can be found here in the overview:

  • PS5 location at MediaMarkt & Saturn –> Last PS5 drop on 11/04/2022 (both retailers, online): medium high Opportunities for online drop at MediaMarkt and Saturn
  • PS5 location on Amazon –> Last PS5 drop on 04.11.2022 at Amazon DE and UK: Medium-high chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at OTTO –> Last PS5 drop on 10/11/2022: Medium-high chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 situation at Müller –> Last PS5 drop on 09/30/2022: Medium-high chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at PlayStation Direct –> Last PS5 drop on 11/04/2022: High chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at Alternate –> Last PS5 drop on 10/21/2022: High chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at Euronics –> Last PS5 drop on 09/28/2022: Low chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 situation at Medimax –> Last PS5 drop on 10/07/2022: Low chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 situation at Kaufland –> Last PS5 drop on 08/29/2022: Low Chances of Console ReplenishmentP
  • PS5 location at GameStop –> Last PS5 drop on 07/01/2022: Medium-high odds for online drops, high chance for local campaigns in branches
  • PS5 location at MyToys –> Last PS5 drop on 08/22/2022: Low chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 situation at the game grotto –> last PS5 drop on 09/26/2022: Medium-high chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 situation at Voelkner –> Last PS5 drop on 10/28/2022: Medium-high chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at Expert –> Last PS5 drop on 01/05/2022 (local in store): Low chances of drops (Good chances for everyone who is on a waiting list in a market. Apparently those who are waiting are regularly supplied.)
  • PS5 situation at Conrad –> Last PS5 drop on 10/13/2022: Low chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at ComputerUniverse –> Last PS5 drop on 09/22/2022: Low chances of online drop
  • PS5 situation at Cyberport –> Last PS5 drop on 05/04/2022 (locally in the stores): Low chances of console replenishment

Which traders are hot? Basically, all dealers are currently hot. That’s because of the new PS5 bundle of God of War Ragnarök, which will be released on November 9th. Until then, numerous providers can still sell this bundle. OTTO is currently particularly exciting, because the retailer is also one of the top 5 contact points in Germany and was the only one not yet to offer the new bundle. So it could be here in the coming week.

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Of course, you shouldn’t lose sight of the other big players either. For example, PlayStation Direct sold the PS5 twice in one week. Amazon is also similarly happy with drops. So something could work here too.

Buy PS5: Ticker on 04.11. – The console is guaranteed to be available here at the weekend. © Sony/Amazon/MediaMarkt/GameStop/Saturn/Müller/Expert

Buy PS5: Tips and tricks for buying a console in Germany

You need to know: With numerous tips and tricks you can increase your chances of a PS5. So that you are well prepared for a drop, we will show you some tips here:

If you don’t want to wait, some retailers have permanent console supplies in stock. But here you have to pay a little more. You can find all available consoles here: Buy PS5: immediately available consoles – On 05.11. order bundles directly here