One Piece: Manga Chapter 1065 reveals important information about the Forgotten Kingdom

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In the gigantic world of one piece There are all sorts of great mysteries and mysteries that make us creators Eiichiro Oda has not yet revealed, but hardly any detail of the pirate epic is as mysterious and legendary as the true storywhich was recorded on the poneglyphs and from which Forgotten Kingdom reported.

But now that the manga is finally in the final saga is located, all sorts of question marks will be resolved and sooner or later this mystery will also be part of it. While the Straw Hat Pirates are on the Egghead Island located, the research base of dr Vegapunkthey come a whole lot closer to the truth.

Since we will tell you in the next few lines what we Manga Chapter 1065 revealed about the Forgotten Kingdom, you should look up massive spoilers catch up. If you’d rather not read about it, or wait for the anime to catch up plot-wise, then read no further at this point.

One Piece: New Revelations About The Forgotten Kingdom (Manga Chapter 1065)

The Forgotten Kingdom, originally as the Great Kingdom referred to, is by far one of the biggest mysteries in one piece. This place is an impressively large empire that will not be written about in the history books as it is wiped out long ago became. Even the name of this island is unknown.

This ancient kingdom is closely connected to the True History, i.e. the more than 800 years ago, hundred-year epochabout which hardly anyone in One Piece knows and directly connected to today’s world government Founded. The last textual traditions represent the indestructible poneglyphs represent.

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What we do know about this kingdom is that their greatest enemy is a Union of 20 kings was of which she almost 800 years ago were defeated. When this enemy began to destroy all books and records that told of the kingdom’s existence and the past hundred years, the residents realized that their time had come.

Your only chance, your knowledge of the enemy, about the ancient weapons and securing the past for posterity consisted in the poneglyphs upon which they carved their secrets and which they hid throughout the world. All the poneglyphs together tell the complete, the true story.

Even today, the world government fears the knowledge of their ancient enemy, hence the deciphering of the poneglyphs punished with death becomes. A circumstance that ultimately also Decline of Ohara has led, the home of Nico Robin. No wonder, as rumor has it the Ancient Kingdom was the rest of the world technologically superior.

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A claim that has now come true in Manga Chapter 1065 of One Piece. Here we see how part of the straw hats meet one of Vegapunk’s bees, Shaka, the logic. This masked character tells the pirates that despite his incredible technologies and wonders, Egghead is not an island of the future.

While he completely surprised them and above all the franky tells that this place is in truth a island of the past depicts, he leads her to a spacious place where an old but gigantic disabled robot can be seen, together with a collection of other technologies that unfortunately also seem ripe for scrap.

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It is also Shaka who speaks of the Ancient Kingdom and reveals that its developments follow those of Egghead not dissimilar at all had been. Some fans now suspect that Vegapunk is using the Ancient Kingdom’s left behind technologies for its research and hence this incredible inventions has to show.