Tactics Ogre Reborn Test – The series history, many interests and intrigues

Tactics Ogre Reborn Test - The series history, many interests and intrigues


This is how it can go in Tactics Ogre – Reborn: Yesterday I was still the hero of the country, today the butcher of Golyat. But this reputation is not undeserved given my deeds for the resistance.

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The story of our test candidate is not a washed-up fairytale novel, but a hard-hitting political thriller. Sort of one George RR Martin-Roman to play along with – fortunately this has also been the case in the current remake of the 2011 PSP remake of the SNES tactics classic Tactics Ogre – Let us Cling Together (1995) changed nothing.

For testing, I had access to the full game for several weeks. The best news: Both the basic narrative framework and the gameplay have been preserved in Tactics Ogre Reborn. However, numerous gameplay improvements and, of course, a drilled-out graphic have been added.

The story of Tactics Ogre Reborn throws you into the middle of the civil war of the nation of Valeria and relies on political intrigue instead of magical fantasy clichés.

The series history

First a brief excursion into the history of the game: In 1993 the first game appeared Tactics Ogre as Ogre Battle – The March of the Black Queen for the SNES in Japan. Two years later this title was also released in the USA, while in Japan it was already the second part of the series, that is Tactics Ogre – Let Us Cling Together appeared. The mixture of RPG elements, tough tactics and isometric combat areas is considered groundbreaking for the entire genre, the so-called SRPGs.

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For those who find the look and feel of Tactics Ogre oddly familiar, series creator Yasumi Matsuno left developer Quest and joined Square (now Square Enix) in 1995, where he released the more well-known in our part of the world in 1997 for PlayStation Final Fantasy Tactics created. In doing so, he helped the genre to break through. Japanese magazine Famitsu named Final Fantasy Tactics one of the top 100 games of all time. Those familiar with Square’s flagship tactics game will feel right at home in Tactis Ogre Reborn.

For the curious and completists: You can jump back using the timeline and take a different path.

Many interests, many intrigues

The background is as tricky as it is bloody: the Valerian island kingdom has been in a violent civil war between three parties for years: the Bakram, the Galgastani and the Walister minority. The latter also includes Denam Pavel and his sister Catiua, who join the local resistance whose former leader, Baron Ronwey, frees them and puts himself in his service – only to learn over time that, like the rulers of all factions, has its own power plans. Betrayals and shifting alliances are the order of the day.

The story, divided into four chapters, is not always linear – depending on personal decision, it continues in different ways. Partly with other battlefields and/or characters who want to (or don’t want to) join Denam. The game distinguishes between a law-abiding path, a neutral path and a path of chaos. Fortunately, the game saves a “timeline” that allows you to go back in the game, reconsider your decision, and possibly follow a different path. But no matter which path you take – the chapters are divided into different maps on which you then compete against enemy units. Practically the tactical heart of the game.

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Some maps impress with the differences in altitude and are accordingly challenging.