WoW: Why a raid when you can kill all the final bosses in threes?

WoW: Dragonflight: Play Pre-Event and Get Heirloom Trinkets!  (1)

from Philip Sattler
While most players are just waiting for WoW: Dragonflight, others are still facing various challenges during the current pre-patch. For example, how about killing the final bosses of the three Shadowlands raids… and doing it in threes?

The current pre-patch for the upcoming expansion WoW: Dragonflight is a very strange thing. Our heroes already have the new talent trees, which are supposed to replace systems such as legendaries and covenant abilities, but at the same time they are still active. Add to that the absurd amount of primary and secondary stats we’ve accumulated thanks to late endgame and you have a deadly combination.

Some use these to oneshot innocent hordlers in front of Orgrimmar, while others still use their party to try to knock out the final bosses of the three raids, all of which are available simultaneously in Destiny mode since the pre-patch. The latter also occupied the group around Durendil, who successively took on Denathrius, Sylvanas and the jailer. A little different than most groups though.