Annual RPS supporter memberships are now 25% off for Black Friday week

Annual RPS supporter memberships are now 25% off for Black Friday week

Until November 30th, we’re shaving 25% off the price of our yearly Premium and Standard supporter subscriptions. Why, I hear you ask? It’s Black Friday week, of course! And what would a good Black Friday be without us getting in on the deals action, too? All you need to do is head over to our sign up page, and pick the subscription that suits you best.

In case you’re unfamiliar with how the RPS supporter program works, we have two tiers: Standard and Premium. Standard gets you ad-free browsing, a monthly letter from the editor (that’s me), discounts on RPS merch, and a supporter flair for when you comment on an article.

Premium, on the other hand, gets you all of the above, plus exclusive articles written by the RPS editorial team, free game keys (while stocks last), and early access to our [email protected] coverage (such as the Team Fortress 2 voice cast interview vid bud Liam did at PAX West earlier in the year, which you can view above).

You can opt to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis, but it’s the yearly versions that are currently on sale for 25% off their usual price for the next week and a bit until November 30th. That means:

  • Yearly Premium subscriptions now cost £45 / $60 (down from £60 / $80)
  • Yearly Standard subscriptions now cost £30 / $37.49 (down from £40 / $50)

After that, your yearly subscription will revert back to their regular respective prices, but we’ll send you a renewal email beforehand to remind you. You can also cancel at any time, and still receive all the benefits of your subscription for the remaining time you’ve got left on it.

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I should also note that we’ve had to suspended our introductory £1 / $1 monthly Standard offer for the time being in order to have this Black Friday sale, as our systems can only cope with one deal at a time (sorry about that). After our Black Friday sale has concluded, we’ll reinstate our £1 / $1 intro offer, starting on December 1st.

To get an idea of ​​the kinds of exclusive articles we write for Premium members of the RPS supporter programme, have a browse of our From The Archive tag. There, you’ll find all sorts of supporter articles that have been made public in recent(ish) months (we’ve fallen behind on this recently, but we are getting back on track with this soon, sorry about that!). Alternatively, you can also get a flavor of what we’ve been writing just this month over here.

Of course, I know times are tough right now, so please do only consider supporting us if you’re in a position to do so. I know our stuff is top drawer quality internet content, but no one needs a few thousand extra words each week as much as they need to heat their home and put actual food on the table. If you do choose to support RPS, though, then thank you! You have our undying love and affection. Your support also helps keep RPS daft, and lets us create more of the writing you love best, such as Sin Vega’s indie recommendation column Scout Report.

So, with that in mind, here’s all that vital info you need one more time: until November 30th, you can save 25% on a yearly Standard or Premium RPS membership, and you can sign up right here today. Thank you again, and happy deals-ing!

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