Apple wants to make its own Metaverse come true

Apple Metaverse

The technological giant Apple, could be developing its own metaverse just like you did Goal. This rumor is based on recent job postings in which it is observed that Apple is requesting specialized workers on the Virtual Reality (VR) and the Augmented Reality (AR). One of the job offers explicitly requests engineers with experience in developing a world of 3D mixed reality. This would be for the consolidation of a virtual reality division within the Technology Development Department.

Apple released a set of Work offers since mid-November, which offer insight into the direction the company is taking with respect to metaverse technology. The question on this question is whether Apple could be working on its own integration within the type metaverse or creating its own. According to Bloombergthe answer to this question is that the company is currently looking for engineers to develop content for its future headphones of Augmented Reality.

Job offers for engineers specialized in Augmented Reality

One of the job postings is explicitly looking for engineers with experience developing a 3D mixed reality world. This could mean that Apple is already working on creating your own metaverse platform, where users can meet, interact and build their own worlds. Among the activities that the selected engineers will carry out will be to build tools and frameworks to allow experiences within a world of 3D mixed reality. In other job offers, engineers are required to help build a 3D video platform with content suitable to be part of virtual reality. This will probably be the future of entertainment worldTherefore, a boom in this type of experience is expected and it will become a trend in the coming years. This new technology will boost the growth of the interactive movies and video games.

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Apple Augmented Reality Technology

Apple Augmented reality glasses

Apple’s development of its headphones Augmented reality continues to advance and the company has published numerous job offers that offer clues to what is expected of your project. In addition, it is probably believed that a virtual environment similar to the metaverse is being worked on and surely Apple will not call it that. This is assumed, because mainly Apple headphones have focused on their Augmented Reality or AR functionality. This concept is based on how the things that are seen in the daily life and they can augment with digital aspects, as is the case of geolocation on maps. This is the first step, so that Apple can develop a virtual world where people can interact.

Two years ago, Apple acquired NextVRwho managed to develop a technology that serves to produce and transmit virtual reality events. In addition, it is expected that future Apple headphones can be used for applications in the workplace and health. They could be for sale in 2023 with a price range of €1,500 to €2,500. According to rumors, they will have a set of more than 10 cameras, high definition screens and they will include the last M2 chip from Apple, which is one of the most efficient chips in the world. These headphones will run with your own operating systemwhich could be called realityOS. This operating system would include Apple’s patented technologies of reality one, Reality Processor Y Reality Prowhich could end up being the names of future Apple headphones.

The patents This new Apple technology has been requested in several countries, including all those in the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Uruguay, New Zealand, and Saudi Arabia. Apple itself has not directly filed these patent applications and they have been filed on behalf of the company. Immersive Health Solutions LLC, which is the one that has registered the trademarks. However, this practice is not unusual and serves to save the technology secret from Apple.

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