God of War Ragnarök: New update for download, these are the patch notes

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For God of War Ragnarök update 02.03 is available for download ready. Shortly before the weekend, the developers at Sony Santa Monica Studios released a new patch that includes further optimizations and bug fixes for the action adventure. At this point we want to give you the patch notes later and go into the changes and innovations. The update does not add any new features, but it does bring one or two error corrections with it. After the patch download, it should no longer happen that you are in the caves of the Quest “The Lost Sanctuary” gets stuck.

This is new with update 02.03

The 02.03 update also includes fixes for individual game crashes in the action-adventure. The patch notes show that, among other things, a bug has been fixed that could lead to a crash within the equipment menu. The journal has also been revised: players previously reported a crash when browsing the quest list. Navigating the map should no longer cause a crash either. There are also bug fixes for crashes that happen randomly in God of War Ragnarök (buy now €70.54 ) could occur.