Gothic Remake: New spooky image from the remake!

New footage of the Gothic remake has been released.(2)

In the past few months, things have gotten very quiet around the Gothic remake. But before the end of this year there is finally back a little sign of life which should please many fans. The development studio Alkimia Interactive has namely posted a picture, which is definitely worth a closer look. Above all the connoisseurs of the original surely find it very interesting.

What can be seen on the picture?

The development team is open the official Discord server a new artwork published, which attracts attention for several reasons. It is not only the first sign of life in a long time, but also shows the new design of creatures already known from the original. There is talk of the goblins, which looked noticeably chunkier and stockier in the original version of Gothic. Her hands also looked coarser.

In the new version for Gothic Remake the goblins awaken you a lot wirier and therefore more agile impression. The design of many of their body parts underlines this impression. So are their skulls from small thorns or tiny horns covered, the formerly slit-shaped eyes are now rather round and therefore more expressive. It remains to be seen how the final ingame version who will look like Goblins in the remake of Gothic. But at least the artwork gives a little foretaste.

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New footage of the Gothic remake has been released.(2)

Source: Alkimia Interactive