New MMORPG wants to be particularly realistic – Reveals new things about the PC version, but one detail is annoying

New MMORPG wants to be particularly realistic - Reveals new things about the PC version, but one detail is annoying

Arthdal ​​Chronicles is a new MMORPG by Netmarble based on the Netflix series of the same name. The game wants to be realistic and requires you to change clothes and use the right foods. Now new details about the game have been revealed, which first arouse hope and then make you suspicious.

What kind of game is this? Arthdal ​​Chronicles is a new MMORPG to be released simultaneously for PC and mobile. In it, different tribes fight for supremacy in the land of Arth. So far we know the following details about the game:

  • The game world should be open and get by without a loading screen. Exploration should play a big role.
  • There will be a day/night cycle and a dynamic weather system.
  • There will be 4 classes: warrior, fighter, archer and priest. There is a Holy Trinity and later in the game you should be able to choose a subclass again.
  • You will be able to swim.
  • Exploring the world is said to come with some real-world obstacles. You have to build bridges to reach certain places, change clothes to suit the area and eat a variety of foods.
  • There should be dungeons and raids.
  • Battles for power, conflicts between factions and also the economic structure should feel like players would live in a real society in the MMORPG.

In a new QnA session, it was now revealed that there will be no auto-play, neither in the movement to the quests, nor in automatic battles. The graphics should also be of higher quality. The reason for this is the strong focus on the PC version, for which the interface is also to be adjusted again. Western players should be happy about that, because the MMORPG is to be released worldwide.

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But further statements about the game make you suspicious again, especially when it comes to Pay2Win.

You can watch PC gameplay from the Korean fair G-Star here:

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“Non-paying players should be able to enjoy the game”

What else was revealed? First, the QnA was about the sieges. Here the players have different options: There are two factions that fight each other and which the players can join. In addition, players can join a third faction, the Mercenaries. Mercenaries can be hired from either side to balance player numbers on the battlefield.

Incidentally, in the dungeons and raids it doesn’t matter which faction you belong to. The PvE content can be experienced with all players. However, there are areas in the endgame where player kills are possible with and without penalties.

When asked about Pay2Win, the developers respond that they want to minimize it, but not completely ignore it. It is important that “non-paying players can fully enjoy the game”.

There’s also a design decision with the quests that won’t please everyone. So you follow a main story, but there will be phases where the character has to level without quests. However, you should be able to bridge this time with dungeons and the “Book of Adventures”.

Then the weather and the time of day were discussed. Some monsters and collectibles should only be accessible when the time of day or the weather is right.

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Here’s the official trailer for the game:

New MMORPG Arthdal ​​Chronicles wants to be particularly realistic – See the first trailer here

What do we know about release and payment model? There is no concrete statement about the release date. With the payment model, we at least know that there will be an in-game shop and that cryptocurrency will not be used.

What do you think of Arthdal ​​Chronicles? Does the MMORPG appeal to you? Or does the statement about Pay2Win scare you off directly?

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