Indiana Jones 5: Harrison Ford drinks from the digital fountain of youth for the intro

Indiana Jones 5: Harrison Ford drinks from the digital fountain of youth for the intro

In 2023 Harrison Ford will supposedly be in for the last time Indiana Jones 5 enter the screen. Especially the introductions in the Indiana Jones films are known for the audience thrown straight into the action.

Also the fifth part doesn’t want to be splashed out here and on past epic opening scenes tie in, like the legendary scene with the huge stone ball, which threatens to overwhelm indie. For this, the technical bag of tricks is dug deep in order to artificially rejuvenate Ford.

trip to the past

examples for There are enough rejuvenation effects in films. Patrick Stewart is brought back to his younger days in X-Mens Origin – Will Smith returns in Gemini Man against his 20 years younger self on. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” was a film that dealt mainly with this topic.

Despite the impressive possibilitieswhich have already shown past films, there were also always limits of technology and criticism from viewers that the makeovers looked too artificial.

In Indiana Jones, the technical effects to a new level. Effects specialists from ILM use old archive recordings of him and combine them with current material. Harrison Ford himself is extremely convinced:

This is the first time I’ve seen something like this and it looks believable. I don’t think I want to know how it works, but it works. But that doesn’t make me long for my youth again. I’m glad I earned my old age.

Harrison Ford

respect for old age

Just because this technology works well, he wanted Director James Mangold still not the whole movie shoot with “Indie-Junior” and his current one Build age appropriately into the film.

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We also find another old acquaintance in the soundtrack. Here lays John Williams once more hands on. Williams has had it in past indie films and Star Wars Composed soundtrack. He also hinted that it might be one of his last works before retirement.

The title of the film will probably only be announced with the first trailer. The film is slated to hit the cinemas 06/29/2023. are you already looking forward to the latest part the series or do you belong to the team: “Indiana Jones is and remains a trilogy?