So now? Johnny Depp Returns as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean!

So now?  Johnny Depp Returns as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean!

Apparently you can Johnny Depp but spread out again. The last time he swung his saber as Captain Jack Sparrow was five years ago. In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales In 2017 he fought a duel against Oscar winner Javier Bardem. After that it was over because those responsible at Disney wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to the billion-dollar franchise. After the end of the sensational trial against his Ex-wife Amber Heard Apparently the producers of the Pirates of the Caribbean series had a rethink. His return as Captain Jack Sparrow should Johnny Depp be made palatable with a very high fee.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Is Johnny Depp Returning As Captain Jack Sparrow For The 20th Anniversary?

In 2003, a pirate film conquered the world’s cinema screens, the already extremely popular one Movie star Johnny Depp catapulted into the premier league of blockbuster leading actors. His portrayal as Captain Jack Sparrow earned him an Oscar nomination. In addition, the swaying, slightly mumbling pirate is considered one of the most iconic movie heroes in Hollywood history.

The five Pirates of the Caribbean feature films are based on attractions from Disney’s world-renowned theme parks. The franchise reliably clinched the box office and grossed out overall $4,524.4 billion a. Apparently those responsible at Disney now seem ready to continue this success story together with Johnny Depp. A sixth feature film according to current reports, is already being planned. But it shouldn’t stop there.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: A new movie and series for Disney Plus in the works?

incredible $300 million Disney has the 59-year-old Hollywood star for a sixth feature film and an accompanying spin-off series of Pirates of the Caribbean DisneyPlus required. Supposedly there are already test recordings with Johnny Depp for February 2023 in England planned. Some sources even go so far as to say that filming will start in the same month.

A director for the new Pirates of the Caribbean film does not seem to have been found yet. But supposedly stands with “A Day At The Sea” already the working title for the potential new blockbuster. While Johnny Depp revealed during Amber Heard’s trial, not in a return to be interested as Jack Sparrow, but the fee seems to be 300 million dollars Hollywood star yet to have changed my mind.

Source: Mirror