The pioneers behind 1899: Netflix hit mystery hit the world

1899 in the special: The German mystery Netflix hit inspires the world - with exclusive impressions!  (6)

The streaming show Dark, which was broadcast from 2017 to 2020, is not only considered the very first German-language “Netflix Original” series, the intricately complex mystery adventure with strong sci-fi elements also managed to garner praise from critics – and not only that in Germany! In 2021, BCC Dark was ranked among the 58 greatest TV series of the 21st century. The small town of Winden is at the center of the show, which is geared towards time travel and complex story ideas. The premise for the team’s second Netflix show is far less intimate: In 1899, European emigrants headed west on a steamboat called “Kerberos”. More precisely, from London to New York. Yes, instead of a relaxed boat trip, the motley crew awaits a nightmare of a special kind. A mysterious plot that, like Dark, raises countless question marks.

The total eight episodes of the miniseries are since November 17, 2022 on Netflix available. We’ll tell you some details about the show and present a time-exclusive making-of, in which the highly modern technology “Volume” is presented. Not only does this enable rapid changes between digitally created and very impressive worlds, it also pushed the crew to their limits – and beyond?

1899 on Netflix: The next hit from the Dark makers in the new trailer

If you haven’t seen or heard of the show yet, we recommend the atmospheric trailer for the mystery hit.

With new technology into the old century

In the almost three-minute making-of video, the team behind 1899 reveals why the volume technology caused enthusiasm and nausea. The first European LED volume in Studio Babelsberg, the production site where Metropolis and other German mega hits were created, makes the almost impossible possible. The permanently installed and revolutionary technology presents a 270 degree curved and more than 50 meter long LED wall that casts worlds right in front of the actors’ eyes. Not only does this make for extremely realistic backgrounds, a whole new form of acting – after all, you don’t just have to imagine looking at the huge and choppy sea, you actually see it! – and simple location changes that do not require travel.

Making of the Netflix hit 1899: “We can be pioneers!” – exclusive!

You can find more information and impressions in our time-exclusive making-of video!

A German mega hit: 1899 is so successful worldwide!

If you want to get an impression of how successful the unofficial successor show to Dark is, you should take a look at these statistics: 1899 is currently in Top 10 in over 90 countries on Netflix – in some countries you only had to admit defeat to the noble show “The Crown”. According to Netflix, the show racked up 79.3 million hours of streaming worldwide in its first three days of release.

1899 in the special: The German mystery Netflix hit inspires the world – with exclusive impressions! (6)

Source: Netflix

Perhaps one reason for the immense success: 1899 relies on diverse languages, cultures and backgrounds. English is listed as the original language, but due to the European emigrants from various corners, the show is of course also strongly multilingual.

Have you checked out 1899 yet? If so, then please tell us what you think of the mystery series and what you particularly liked. And did Dark’s time travel premise appeal more to you, or does the steamboat Kerberos pull you along more? Tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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