18-year-old MMORPG introduces new expansion that you have to buy for up to 250 euros

EverQuest II Renewal of Ro content

EverQuest II is among the oldest active MMORPGs still playable. The latest addon has started with “Renewal of Ro”. For the most expensive edition you have to pay 250 euros.

Which MMORPG is it? Everquest II is one of the oldest games in the genre. Everquest I was released in 1999, followed a few years later by the successor EverQuest II in 2004. Everquest II is one of the very old MMORPGs that are still actively played today.

Since 2004, 17 addons and 4 adventure packs have been released for the MMORPG. With “Renewal of Ro” they have now released another addon, which started on November 30, 2022. This is a buy-to-play model: If you want to play the expansion, you have to buy it in the shop.

The lead designer behind EverQuest meanwhile has a new project to work on. He feels he needs to bring back the old-school MMORPG feel:

An MMORPG revolutionized the genre 23 years ago – now the chief designer is working on a new game

EverQuest II introduces the “Renewal of Ro” addon, requires up to 250 euros

What is it all about? In the new expansion, players visit the eponymous island of Ro and explore the southern half of the flaming desert. Here you will meet Hizite nomads who will help you explore the Raj’Dur plateau. There are new quests, new Ascension levels and content such as raids.

How much does the addon cost? IThere are a total of 4 different levels that you can buy:

  • The standard edition for 34.99 euros, here there is an additional level boost in addition to the expansion.
  • The Collector’s Edition for 69.99 euros. This also includes companions, a mount and other accessories.
  • The premium edition for 139.99 euros. Here are additional benefits to those of the previous edition.
  • The “Family & Friends” edition for 249.99 euros. There are a number of tradable items such as character slots, level boosts and co.

Do you need the most expensive edition? No, because the most expensive edition contains many bonuses that you don’t need for the game. On top of that, the expansion itself is included twice and can be passed on to a fellow player.

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If you play EverQuest II mostly alone, the most expensive edition should not be of much interest.

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