4Players: Games of the year 2022: 14th place: Signalis

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14th place in our Games of the Year goes to classic survival horror from the very old school: Signalis from the indie developer rose-engine from Hamburg stages atmospheric zombie horror in a dark retro cyber environment. Signalis is a real hit, especially audio-visually: the grandiose art design with its pixelated, angular 90s charm merges with the fantastic soundtrack by Cicada Sirens & 1000 Eyes to form an extremely atmospheric unit that stylishly stages the retro horror. Alien meets Blade Runner – just on the PSone

The survival horror also delivers in terms of content: In the dark alien mine Sierpinski-23, androids infected by a strange virus roam through the dimly lit metal corridors. As the android magpie you have to find out from the iso perspective what the hell actually happened here – and in the process you get more and more into a psychological mystery, in the end of which nothing is really what it seems.

It’s more of a mechanical issue that keeps Signalis from getting a higher ranking. Above all, the ubiquitous backtracking and annoyingly small inventory feel impractical and dated in a negative sense. Nevertheless, the little indie horror gem more than earned its 14th place.

15th place: Bayonetta 3
16th place: A Plague Tale: Requiem
17th place: Gran Turismo 7
18th place: Return to Monkey Island


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