Core i5-13500 ES: 4.8GHz on one core, significantly better MT performance than i5-12500

Core i5-13500 at CPU-Z in Cinebench R23.

from Oliver Jaeger
The still unreleased Core i5-13500 was presented in the form of an engineering sample on the Chinese video platform Bilibili. The 14 core is clearly superior to the predecessor and the recently leaked i5-13400 in terms of single and multi-thread performance and is said to achieve 4.8 GHz on one core.

The presentation of the remaining non-K processors of the 13th generation from Intel’s portfolio can be expected at CES. One of them will also be the 65 W Core i5-13500 CPU, an engineering sample of which has been presented in a video on the Chinese platform Bilibili along with synthetic tests. The Core i5-13500 is a CPU with 14 cores and 20 threads, of which 6 are performance and 8 are efficiency cores. This is a significant leap from the Alder Lake predecessor, the Core i5-12500, which only has 6 cores simply for the simple reason that E-cores simply didn’t exist yet. Nevertheless, the Raptor Lake CPU is based on an Alder Lake chip.

Higher E core count makes the difference

In the stress test with CPU Burner or AIDA64 FPU, the CPU is said to have achieved a turbo clock rate of 4.8 GHz on one core. It was still up to 4.4 GHz with all P cores and up to 3.2 GHz with E cores. The performance of the Core i5-13500 was also tested. Popular bench software such as CPU-Z and Cinebench R23 were used here.

On CPU-Z, the single-threaded performance was 767 points and the multi-threaded performance was 8227.5 points. In the case of Cinebench R23, it was 1,901 ST points and 19,891 MT points. As far as MT performance goes, that’s a definite step up from the Core i5-12500, which is loud hardware nexus with CPU-Z to 710 ST and 5,100 MT points and in Cinebench 23 to an average of 1,804 ST and 12,400 to 12,900 MT points. In multi-threaded performance, that’s an increase of over 55 percent.

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Core i5-13500 at CPU-Z in Cinebench R23.

Source: Bilibili/Videocardz

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The i5-13500 also surpasses the i5-13400 that was leaked at the beginning of November in both single and multi-thread performance (CPU-Z: 729.3 ST points, 6591 MT points). The enormous increase in performance compared to the Alder Lake predecessor can primarily be explained by the additional 8 E-cores. Finally, the i5-13500 has 20 threads instead of 12, which is 60 percent, roughly the difference in testing. The CPU also has four more efficient cores than the i5-13400. It is still unclear when the Core i5-13500 and the other non-K Raptor Lake CPUs will be launched together with the new B760 motherboards. Long after CES 2023, however, the release should not be long in coming.

Source: bilibili via Videocardz