MckyTV pays its fans 100 euros for insults – wants to “make Twitter burn”

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Of: Josh Grossman

In a series of tweets, MckyTV pulls out a huge beef. It even goes so far that he raffles 1,000 euros among his fans to insult other people.

Hamburg – MckyTV actually only wanted to make a prediction for Twitch in 2023 and is thus starting the first domino stone for gigantic beef. On Twitter he now offers his fans 100 euros if they “People with football profile picture‘ in his comments with hate comments’break“. The streamer goes live on Twitch and declares war on soccer fans and Vitavate drinkers. The MckyTV haters think this is a “absolute psychosis“.

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MckyTV declares war on football fans and vitavate drinkers – Here’s why

What happened? There was a lot going on in Twitter Germany yesterday when MckyTV announced that he was “Make Twitter burn” want. On Twitch he explains where it all comes from. On December 6, MckyTV wrote that “some stuff related to streaming‘ would change and, in old Twitter fashion, received a number of envious comments. We have included his tweet about Twitch for you here.

MckyTV and EliasN97 had beef after the former failed to show up for a FIFA tournament on time and was disqualified for doing so. MckyTV describes the culprits for the hateful comments in a profile: soccer professional as a profile picture, 13 years old, drinks Vitavate like a hole… and so on. For the streamer, it’s clearly the “Soccer Idiots‘, which are played out on Twitter.

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Streamer incites hatred: In another tweet he uses some flame emojis – after all, Twitter is supposed to burn – and raffles 1,000 euros among the first ten fans who take a clown football as a profile picture: “Comment on people with a football profile picture to break them‘ the angry streamer writes. We have included his tweet for you here.

The reason: Shortly thereafter he goes online on Twitch and explains his actions: “Once a year I decide to have beef“. As an otherwise reserved and quiet streamer, he sees himself in the right to explode every now and then. Just because he has followers doesn’t mean he has to put up with the clothes on Twitter, which is why he calls on his fans to counterattack. He has not explained the exact terms of his raffle and fans have not yet been paid out either – whether MckyTV is really giving away 1,000 euros to fans who have them remains unclear for the time being.

MckyTV freely rotates on Twitter: onlookers consider it an “absolute psychosis”

This is what Twitter says: Some football fans are drawn to MckyTV’s tweets and there is a fair amount of hostility in the comments. Even MckyTV itself insults users who have a soccer professional as their profile picture. While some commenters fully address the hateful comments and fans, others worry about MckyTV’s state of mind.

What’s up with Mcky today, bro?‘ asks another streamer on Twitter, sharing a clip from MckyTV’s Twitch stream declaring war on Vitavate drinkers. “This is the absolute psychosis here‘ the same user writes under another tweet from MckyTV. We have integrated the MckyTV stream and his tirade here for you.

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Some fans can also understand that MckyTV is mad at the likes of the teenage Discord mother thug – but not everyone that age is as bad as the streamer makes it out to be. Young internet trolls are always a problem, but most of them are harmless – according to his fans. Only the streamer knows how serious MckyTV was with his announcement and whether he really pays his fans money for insults.