Moss and Moss: Book 2 is announced for PlayStation VR2

Moss and Moss Book 2 GamersRD PlayStation VR2

Polyarc has announced that Moss and Moss: Book 2 will be released for PlayStation VR2 on February 22, 2023.

It can be pre-ordered and PlayStation Plus subscribers receive a 10 percent discount. In a publication of playstation Blog, designer Doug Burton discusses how the next-gen VR headset improves both titles.

Enhanced Haptics allow you to feel the impact of attacks, movement, and various events that occur nearby. The two Sense controls feel more natural when manipulating the environment and interacting with Quill, and the adaptive triggers provide more weight and tension with objects.

For example, pressing the triggers provides some resistance, and going past that will cause pots and barrels to break. Another cool feature is that interactive objects will glow when looked at, courtesy of the head-mounted display’s eye-tracking. It also shows Quill where her attention is, and she can give him hints if she has spent enough time.

Moss and Moss: Book 2 will run at 4K/90 frames per second with a larger FOV and improvements to lighting and textures.

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