Now fix: Call of Duty is coming to Nintendo Switch!

The two booklet versions of the PCG 12/22

After Microsoft has already assured Sony that Call of Duty in the coming years on PlayStation remains, now Xbox boss Phil Spencer also has Nintendo brought on board. In the coming ten years the shooter should appear for Nintendo platforms. However, this can only be implemented if the Acquisition of Activision Blizzard confirmed by the antitrust authorities from all over the world. Last is the deal to a halt devices. So it’s no wonder Microsoft is making more and more promises to finally get the green light for the acquisition.

More games for everyone!

Phil Spencer wants to make it clear that the merger with Activision Blizzard does not necessarily mean that games will only be exclusive to the Xbox. “Microsoft is committed to helping bring more games to more people, no matter how they choose to play.” writes the person responsible in his tweet. The Xbox boss also promises an end to exclusivity here. Anyone who wants to gamble Call of Duty on the PC should also play the games in the future Steam can download.

Call of Duty on Nintendo consoles

It’s been quite a while since any part of Call of Duty appeared on a Nintendo platform. Last was that at Call of Duty: Ghosts the case that in the year 2013 was also released for the Wii U. In the last nine years, no other offshoot has made it. Incidentally, it is also completely unclear which games in the shooter series will come to Nintendo Switch and future hardware from the company.

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