Seriously, THIS is the next LEGO video game?

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LEGO video games have almost always belonged to WB Games and TT Games for the past few decades, but that exclusivity could change very soon. As VGC reported this year, publisher 2K has reportedly entered into a partnership with LEGO that is said to include a variety of different sports games. There is no official confirmation of this so far, but a new indication makes the whole thing look much more likely.

The next LEGO video game is interesting for all sports fans

Like the user 1414falconfan spotted on Instagram, a new LEGO character has appeared on the company’s official website. Interestingly, the character wears FC Barcelona clothing and a mask of a purple shark. The figure’s packaging also features “LEGO Games” adorned with a 2K logo in the lower right corner.

This new LEGO character definitely aligns with VGC’s report, which claimed the first game from the new partnership would be a LEGO football title developed by Sumo Digital, best known for Sackboy: A Big Adventure. In addition to this title, an open-world racing game is also said to be in development.