Old school shooter is 97% positive on Steam, gets the weirdest mod support ever

Old school shooter is 97% positive on Steam, gets the weirdest mod support ever

The retro shooter Ultrakill appeared in Early Access a few years ago. Now the developers have released an “official mod” which is a bit odd. The mod called “UKButt” allows you to support sex toys. You can find all information about this in this article.

What is ultra kill? Ultrakill is a brutal first-person shooter with a retro look and is graphically reminiscent of various shooters from the 90s. The Early Access game currently costs you 20.99 euros on Steam and has 97% positive reviews (via Steam).

On December 8th, 2022, Ultrakill got an official modification, which probably hasn’t existed in any other shooter before.

This is the UKButt mod for Ultrakill

What’s the deal with the mod? The new modification allows the support of an open source software that can control the vibration of Xbox controllers and other devices. The fact that games get subsequent rumble support isn’t anything strange at first.

The extremely long one list of devices, which now work with Ultrakill apart from the Xbox gamepads, is surprising. The developers list a total of 503 devices for their game.

And how to recognize the name, the software “buttplug.ioAs you can imagine, these are primarily “other vibration-enabled devices” and not necessarily the Xbox gamepad.

The mod for Ultrakill that allows you this support from buttplug.io is called UKButt and can be downloaded from Github. On the homepage you will also find short instructions for installing and using UKButt. The installation seems to be a bit more complicated and requires a basic understanding of the software. For really motivated players, that shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle.

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Check out the official UKButt video for yourself here:

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Then, with UKButt installed, the vibrating device of your choice will trigger the rumble based on what’s happening in Ultrakill.

The vibration triggers supported at the moment are firing your weapon, movement (sprinting, sliding, etc.), screen shake (eg shaking the screen when you get hit), and various actions in the menu.

This is what the community says about UKButt

How did the mod come about? UKButt was created in collaboration between buttplug.io boss Kyle “qDot” Machulis and the developer of Ultrakill “PITR” about a week after Twitter user ShammyTV explicitly asked about the feature (via Twitter).

While few would associate sex with a shooter featuring blood-powered robots going to hell, the community was instantly hooked on the idea. Accordingly, the first reactions to the quickly implemented new mod have so far been positive across the board (via Steam).

And Dave Oshry, the CEO of Ultrakill publisher “New Blood” is impressed by UKButt:

He also explains, somewhat puzzled: “At no point when we were originally testing or discussing the game with Hakita or anyone at New Blood did any of us say: They’re going to want sex.” However, he still says with a wink: “But: Congrats on the sex.”

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