WoW Guide: Dathea in the Raid Vault of Incarnations (LFR, Normal, Heroic)

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You know the mage in the wind elemental! Yes, you already met Dathea and her powers when confronting the Council of Primalists in the WoW Raid Vault of Incarnations placed. But now the lady has ascended and is now stuck in… well, as we said before, she is stuck in a wind elemental. This circumstance is already quite significant for the fight, because winds make your life difficult. But they also help you from the heroic difficulty. It’s really tricky!

General information about the Vault of Incarnations

You can find the raid in the east of Thaldraszus (73/56)

Normal mode: December 14, 2022

Heroic Mode: December 14, 2022

Mythic mode: December 14, 2022

LFR mode

1st wing: from December 21, 2022

2nd wing: from January 4, 2023

3rd wing: from January 18, 2023

Minimum item level for LFR: 359We will include video guides from Hazelnuttygames for you (as soon as they are available) if you prefer to see moving images 😀 Below you will find a German text version. The raid guides are currently still based on the WoW beta (buy now ): Dragonflight – Details may have changed from developer side. If there have been major adjustments, we will make adjustments to the guides. On our overview page for the WoW guides to the Vault of Incarnations you will find the guides to all known bosses.

Dathea, out of control

The boss himself remains in the middle of the platform, does not move from there either, and at best is occupied by two tanks that take turns – the debuff ZEPHYRY BLOW Causes you to take more damage with every knockback, and there’s a lot of knockback going on in this fight. The active tank turns the boss away from the group.

Dathea calls along at regular intervals ANGRY OUTBREAK small tornadoes, which you dodge relatively easily. These serve as a kind of enrage, because the tornadoes cause regular damage to the entire raid. The more tornadoes there are, the more damage you do. Does Dathea WINDSHEARthen arrows on the tornadoes indicate which direction they are about to whirl at high speed, so pay attention.

Become their target of CONDUCTIVE SIGN, then move away from other characters so that the damage only affects you and you don’t spread the debuff to other heroes. Also pay attention to the CYCLONE, who draws you to Dathea. In general, the damage to the raid in this fight is very high, so you want to spare your healers as much extra damage as possible. So play smart.

Gathers 100 energy for Dathea, then casts it STORM COMPACT and summons two Unstable Infusors, which are best tanked at the edge of the platform. You should use the infusor spell DIVERTED ESSENCE always interrupt, because with the stackable buff, the infusors increase Dathea’s damage.

When the infusors die, they’ll knock characters up and knock them back, so tank them on the edge of the platform whenever possible. Do not kill them at the same time, so that your fellow players who do not have the entire platform behind you are not immediately killed. In normal mode, that’s all you need to be aware of. It all sounds relatively doable and shouldn’t present you with any major challenges. It gets tricky when you tackle the boss in Heroic or Mythic mode!

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