Eleventh unofficial GG Secret Santa 2022 – News

Eleventh unofficial GG Secret Santa 2022 - News

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We users at GamersGlobal love to give each other gifts. So that this exuberant giving and generosity doesn’t get out of hand and escalate completely, our users organize the Christmas Secret Santa within the GG community every year at this time. This tradition started with our user McSpainpublished in 2016 kindly by Stephan Windmuller was represented. Since Christmas 2017, the users have taken over olipool and COFzDeep the role of the chief elves.

The whole thing is quite simple: If you take part, you will end up in a win. Each participant is drawn to another user who he has to give presents to. Once you have received your gift goal, you look for something that this user might like (and he/she does not have or even wishes for) and give it to them as a gift. Of course, you will also be drawn to a user, who in turn will give you presents. So that nobody gives too much or too little, the expenditure should be between five and ten euros. Since, as is well known, there are enough sales in December, it should be possible to find something suitable for everyone. The campaign is on the platforms for easy transmission and tracking of the gifts Steam and GOG as well as the Xbox store limited.

If you want to take part in the eleventh edition of the GG Secret Santa (the tenth edition was lost in a Laffer gap), simply send a PM to Olipool or get in touch in the forum thread – ideally with your username for the platforms you use (for gifts via GoG, the email address of the account is required) and an indication of which platform you use to give and/or receive gifts and which not. You are also welcome to send a wish list or the link to your user profile on the respective platform. Your assigned gnome will then receive this information. Registrations will be accepted until 12/22/2022 around 11:59 p.m assumed. The drawing will take place the following day and you have until 12/26/2022 Time to give presents to the user assigned to you. In view of the short timeline, it is of course still possible later, but consider the tears of the gift recipients who did not get them in time for the party!

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Of course, the whole thing is based on the trust that nobody wants to take advantage of anyone, so there is a small restriction on participation: You must be a registered user at GG for more than half a year and have reached at least rank 12. All further details and questions can be clarified in the forum thread linked below or in the comments.

Note: After internal consultation, we have decided to open Secret Santa to XBox users as well, as there is an opportunity here in the store to buy games as gifts. Windows users can also create a Microsoft/XBox game account and then gift games to Xbox users, which makes secret Santa easier. Since there is no way to buy games for other users or give away codes on the Sony Playstation and Nintendo Switch, we unfortunately cannot give Secret Santa on these systems!