Rings of Power: 15 (!) new cast members – Adar replaced, Círdan confirmed

The Land of Mordor in Shadows of Mordor.

Following the news that actor Joseph Mawle (also known as Benjen Stark from Game of Thrones) is no longer Adar in the Amazon series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power I unwrapped my personal sadness and lamented that a Season 2 storyline of Rings of Power in Mordor would be relatively bleak and pointless without Adar on board. Turns out my sad dumpling wears blinkers. Because shortly before Mawle’s tweet, the showrunners already confirmed that Adar was recast.

As of season 2, it’s likely Sam Hazeldine will play the riotous orc leader (thanks to our user deadlybreath for the tip). Hazeldine played George Sewell in The Witcher, among other things, in an episode of Eredin, in Sandman Barnaby and in Peaky Blinders – so he has at least some experience with the series production of a streaming provider, even if it was Netflix ^^ Hazeldine will be in the IMDB even listed Rings of Power as the actor of Adar in 2022 – I personally would not have noticed the change of actors if it had taken place in the first season. After the confrontation with Galadriel, however, Adar has not played a major role either. By the way, IMDB’s “1 episode” mention applies to all new cast members. In general, I’m curious to see how the change of actors will affect the film.