Harry Potter Curious: Is Hogwarts A Den Of Crime And Lawlessness?

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from Michael Miskulin
Harry Potter’s wizarding school, Hogwarts, might not have been so harmless and child-friendly after all. Because in the legal assessment of some events and situations from the Harry Potter stories, German lawyers noticed a few oddities.

Nerd worlds follow their very own laws, as does the world of Harry Potter. But can one also apply the worldly laws and legal questions – mind you with a big wink – to such a fantastic universe? Is Hogwarts perhaps even a hotbed of crime and lawlessness? Lawyers are again investigating this question in a new YouTube video.

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Harry Potter curious: How criminal is the Hogwarts wizarding school?

the Gansel Lawyers have released another episode of their rights check on YouTube. In it, they evaluate situations and basic questions from the Harry Potter stories about the magically gifted youngsters at Hogwarts. Which German laws could the magician’s boarding school have violated? So the lawyers are asking who would have gotten custody of the orphan Harry Potter in Germany. What is the minimum size for a children’s room? Could the budding wizard maybe even suspend compulsory schooling? Also: How dangerous can school and school sports be? Are there penalties for identity theft? And which school punishments are even allowed?

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Source: youtube